Is It Over Now? 11 Things You’ll Hate After A Break-up


Cue in When Youre Dreaming With A Broken Heart (2006) by John Mayer. Kidding aside, you can get a box of tissues first before you read on. If youre having a hard time processing that its over, try to relax and take a deep breath. 

Medically speaking, broken heart syndrome which is also known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy mimics the symptoms of a heart attack. It is usually caused by sudden physical or emotional stress, which in your case, a break-up.

Having a broken heart is not easy to deal with, and unfortunately, the break-up is not the last worst thing youll encounter. Still, if youre ready to face it, here are 11 things youll hate after a break-up!

1. Staying away from his online accounts

You havent blocked him yet? If youre constantly updated on whats happening to him, youll just strengthen your attachment which will make it even harder for you to move on. Itll also give you a nudge to chat or call him, and you dont want to make things complicated. In the end, youll just get hurt even more.

2. Avoiding him in person

Youll have no problem if hes miles away, but if youre living in the same area it might be a tricky one. All you can do is try to avoid going to places where he might be. Unfortunately, there are unexpected moments when youre in a convenience store, wearing loose clothes, and you bump into him. Its like destiny punishing you for unknown reasons.

3. Wallowing in pain

Go ahead, take your time, and let it all out. After youve acknowledged the fact that youre sad, its time to face it and cry out loud. Addressing that youre in pain will make you feel a lot better. Wallowing doesnt mean that youre weak. It just shows that youre mature enough to face your problems no matter how hard it is. 

Whatever your method of wallowing, do it. If you need a suggestion, get some popcorn, beer, and a comfy blanket. Then you can watch movies like Break-up (2006), Someone Great (2019), and Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004).

4. Returning all of his stuff back

Things that remind you of him might prevent you from moving on, and youll just go back to memory lane time after time. Start by decluttering, but dont rush it. Do it when you think youre ready to visit all your memories one last time. Remove all the gifts, mens shirts, photos, and letters that encapsulate your entire relationship. If you dont want to return them to him, you can just donate some of them, and throw the others away.

5. Doing things on your own

Yes, its awful to be alone doing things you usually do together but you have no choice. Youll just have to deal with the fact that you can also be happy on your own, not pretending hes beside you.

6. Pretending you’re okay

You dont have to pretend if youre not. However, sometimes when people are constantly asking you how you have been, it can be too annoying that you just have to pretend youre okay. Even so, dont let their judgments affect you.

7. Having hangover and over again

Drinking the pain away just helps a bit. If too much, you might just hurt yourself with all the morning hangovers. Besides, you should not forget that theres a tendency that you might text or call your ex. 

8. Everything reminds you of him

Its annoying how different places or things remind you of a person. At the same time, we all know that everything will fade away through time. 

A study was conducted by Langeslag and Sanchez (2018), where they gathered people to test the best way to help them move on. They found out that reassuring a person that its okay if they still love their ex even if they are no longer together can help better than making them think of good and bad memories. It doesnt make the person sad or angry. 

9. Accepting that it’s over

But when its over, is it really over? (Sugar Ray 2001). It depends, but most of the time, it is over. Whatever the reason for your break-up, it wont help you get back together. Have you seen Someone Great (2019)? Theres a scene when Jenny (the main character) wrote a letter for his ex saying, …there are no more one mores… that when something breaks if the pieces are large enough, you can still fix it. Unfortunately, sometimes things dont break, they shatter. With that, you should know that its good for your mental health to process it gradually. 

10. Blaming yourself

Another movie reference is Hes Not Just That Into You (2009) where they exposed common excuses women made up just to comfort each other like hes just being mean because he likes you or youre too good for him. The truth is you dont have to blame yourself if he treats you badly or cheats on you. 

11. Trying to date again

People always say that when you just got out of a relationship, you should not date or marry the next person you meet. It makes sense because you need a full recovery and readiness before you try to date again. Otherwise, youre just fooling yourself. 

Even if youre not even close to moving on, youll find a way to gradually heal from all the pain. Just comment below if you have anything to share, and someone will listen.


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