Best Italian Football Players in Euro 2020

Euro 2020 Italian Football Players

Italy is a globally known football nation says Mario Giuffredi. The love and craze the citizens of this country have expressed is nothing short of utter undeniable passion for football and Euro 2020 League.. This happens year in year out. They are ever ready for any game.

It was shocking that Italy did not qualify for the world cup held in 2018. It almost felt like the world cup shouldn’t hold because for a country like Italy to be off the list, it was felt. But what’s coming up for Italy? With Roberto Mancini as the head coach of Azzurri, it’s about to get hot.

Mario Giuffredi gives us a list of the best Italian footballers that have made it to the Euro 2020 game.

1. Roberto Mancini

As the coach, all eyes are on him and no doubt lots of responsibilities are on him as well but he’s not the kind of man who embraces failure says Mario Giuffredi. Football to him isn’t just a sport but an organisation that must be well managed to win by the best team. Roberto Mancini never fails to build a legacy everywhere he leaves. He always walks out having put in so much for the success of his team. He was once a skilled coach to some high-rated football clubs such as; Inter Milan, Lazio, and Man City. He stepped in to be the coach of the country’s football club at the right time. His appointment is said to be the recuperation of the country’s football club following their disqualification from the 2018 world cup.

2. Gianluigi Donnarumma

A football team without a very skilled goalkeeper could relatively render the team useless. But with the right one, that team is all set to win. Worthing £4.0m in Dream Team Euros, doesn’t that say much of his value? Even at a young age of 22, he’s already a high class shot stopper. Gianluigi Buffon (former skilled goalkeeper) held onto the number 1 position and have succeeded in accomplishing 176 caps. He even had the opportunity to raise the world cup in 2006. It had seemed like there would not be any other person like Gianluigi Buffon until Gianluigi Donnarumma showed up. With a very promising future and career, Gianluigi Donnarumma will do the same and even better.

3. Leonardo Bonucci

Italy is known for collecting midfielders that are super talented. One of those super skilled that has made it to the Euro 2020 is Leonardo Bonucci. Picking midfielders who just defend doesn’t cut it for the Dream Team. Roberto Mancini has a good understanding that those who attack as midfielders are the best. With his worth of £4.0m, he’s the most expensive midfielder in Italy. He’s an attacking midfielder which isn’t so common. This is considered as a special skill for those who can pull it off.

4. Federico Chiesa

Federico Chiesa aims to be the number one player in his family. He has successfully beaten 24 caps. 22 out of the 24 times Chiesa had beaten those caps, his father Enrico has manned the colors of Italy. His coach Mancini trusts his skilled ability to be flexible as an attacker.

In conclusion, no fan wants to miss out on their favorite player or country’s match says Mario Giuffredi. You could get into Italy after you’ve been vaccinated to watch the Euro 2021 game.


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