What Does Influence A Person Towards Choosing Police Profession?

police profession

The police profession is more than a career to me. It is a very noble profession. I was not so interested to be a police officer, even when I admitted to my graduation in psychology. This was a day when I was coming back home from my holidays, I saw a police officer in my way. Actually, there was an accident happened and the officer was trying to bringing people out of the crushed car. That very moment inspired me to become a police officer in life and serve humanity.

I was not known to the roles of a person when he becomes a police officer. When I searched for the steps to become a police officer, there the roles of an officer come into my knowledge. This profession is totally about to maintain the law and order situation in a town, city or country. Police bounds the citizens to follow the laws, arrest the suspects and appear them in front of the courts and implements on the court orders. It feels so great when I see the role of a police department to resolve the disputes and people see on them with hopes and respect.

But the question is, why I’m telling it you? Would it mean that everyone should become an officer? No-no-no. You have to know that society runs of its people, playing different roles to keep the level of living up. Police are only part of it, although a very important one. But you may see that the teacher has its own role, your barber has its own kind of job. So it is not so necessary to be a police officer for every one of you. If you are enthusiastic about the police department and want to do for the betterment of society as a police officer, it is a very great idea and I will endorse it with some more tips.

What is needed to be a police officer?

To be a police officer is not a big deal, but at the same time, it is. The need is to understand the nature of a job and what is required to be a policeman/policewoman.

Your Education Matters

It will be said to you that to enter the police, you will need no educational records. But it is relatively wrong. What I was needed a graduate degree to compete with the officer’s race. Yes, you can enter on the very basic and low ranked job in the police if you have no professional degree, but if you want to go for the good ranks, you will definitely need for the appropriate education and certification. Get checked with the educational requirements in your police department, specifically what your rank needs.

What age and Physical condition is there?

It is important you know. You must be at least 21 or 22 years of age mostly required. I myself was 25 years old when I was hired in our town’s police and medically, physically fit. What does this mean to be physically fit? Yes, you should not be a disabled person. I don’t know, maybe the police department hires special persons for special purposes, but to be an officer, you need to be physically perfect. It is a protocol of a profession, post and of course of yourself.

Police some criterion of selection

You will not be selected by the verbal interview, but of course, the steps are there for the selection of an officer. For selection, there might be a writer test, then you will have to appear for the medical maybe. Then physical and the last thing is a final interview. If you clear all these stages, you will be passed towards the academy where you will be trained. I still have the memories of my police academy, the friends of that time are still my friends and we meet each other most often. A very sad aspect of our gathering is that we miss our colleague, a very kind friend who been martyred in last year’s terrorist attack on the mobile. He was in the car and Car was totally damaged after the terrorist attack. We miss him a lot and keep his chair empty during our meet up on the nearby café. To conclude this, a quick question for you, have you bargained for your salary during your interview? Come to the next point.

Police academy memories

I have a lot of memories which police academy training brought in my life. To tell you is that the training usually lasts around 3-4 months. It gives you an opportunity to know the relevant laws of your country. You will be taught about the rights of civilians you will be taking care of, the very important part of the training would be the accident investigation. You will never miss the chapter of self-defense, to be a responsible officer, it is most important.

Not only this, you will be trained by the physical activities in the academy. Do you think you will be allowed to get back to your home daily? No. You will have to live in the premises of the academy in all that time. You will be assessed and trained physicians. These activities will tell what and how will you be doing things in the future.

 What you will be doing as a police officer?

After the selection and training process, you will be ready to wear your uniform and be on duty. I’m doing the same. Wearing the uniform get you to feel like a very special citizen having great responsibilities to keep the society in order. Be ready for the challenges you are going to face in the future but don’t let them down you anyway. There are many criminal and complex type of cases comes in my life, but time taught me well and by time, and experience, I could handle those cases very smoothly. There is always a danger, but that danger should not demoralize you, you have to play a very great role in society. Good luck!


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