What are the best Rakhi gifts for my soul sister?

Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi is one of the most loved festivals in India, and it has lots of special memories attached to it. There is a lot more to this ritual rather than just tying Rakhis. The custom of gift gifting on Rakhi has a special space in every sibling’s heart. In the event of Raksha Bandhan, a sister gets the promise of lifelong protection from her brother. She also gets many Rakhi gifts from him as well. There is no bond more special than the bond between brothers and sisters, and so it is important to come up with the best Rakhi gift for your soul sister.

Everyone is busy nowadays, and it is terribly difficult to just go around shops and keep on looking for the perfect Rakhi gifts. Not to mention that this pandemic has made that option unavailable for many. So the only solution is online shopping. But in many ways, shopping for a Rakhi gift for your sister online is much easier than getting her one offline. For one thing, online stores have a wider range of products and certainly more unique ones. You can save a lot of time too while you are shopping online. It is a good idea to avoid crowds nowadays anyway. So, don’t waste time and look at many websites to get the perfect gift on Rakhi, so that your sister feels appreciated. Any sister has a lot of faith in her brother and chances are that she has been with you and supported you her whole life. This is the perfect occasion to thank her for her love and affection.

What are some Rakhi gifts ideas?

Coffee mugs

Gifting coffee mugs doesn’t have to be a boring experience anymore. Websites like Oyegifts.com have an option so that customers can request personalization. These mugs can act as a meaningful gift as you can opt to print some meaningful message or choose to include a picture in the mug. Many people choose to print a photo of their sister on the customized mug sets. If done right, those can look classy too. You have to make sure that the mugs are long-lasting and get the customization done by a trusted company.


Who doesn’t love receiving chocolates? If your sister has a sweet tooth, she would like a nice box of chocolates as a gift this Rakhi. You can opt for a customized box of chocolates with the sets of those sweets that she likes. OyeGifts give their buyers the freedom to arrange their own chocolate baskets, so the Rakhi gifts are perfect. Some popular brands are Cadbury and Ferrero Rocher. You can also choose to go for different flavoured chocolates like hazelnuts or raspberries. Chocolates come in a wide variety and there are so many flavours to experiment with. If your sister is adventurous with new flavours, you can go and look for unusual chocolate flavours and surprise her with that this Rakhi. Homemade chocolates are also an option, and recipes for those are also not that difficult to follow.


Most women love building up their collection of jewellery, and your sister may not be an exception to this trend. Choosing a trendy piece of jewellery might be successful in putting a smile on her face. Every girl has a nice collection of earrings, and you can choose to enhance her collection by buying her great studded gold earrings this year. There are a number of different patterns and designs to look at, and it all depends on your sister’s style and what she wears. No one knows her style and sense of fashion like you do, so choosing a piece of jewellery like earrings or gold rings will not be tough for you at all.


They say that books are the cheapest way to travel and indeed, if your sister is an avid reader of stories, then she would love a good classic. Books like Little Women or Moby Dick never lose their charm. There are many books which would make a nice gift to your sister. Books with great plots like “The sisterhood of the travelling pants” or even the lesser-known “The fear of flying” might be a good choice. But before buying, do consult with her about what she has already read. Pick something from her favourite genre, be it romance or thrillers, and make a nice gift for her this Rakhi.

In addition to all these ideas, you can try and gift teddy bears, cushions or any home décor items to your sister. If she loves dressing up, you can also choose to gift her dresses or designer sarees. Your sister will adore you no matter what, so don’t worry too much about the specific gift. Your love for her must show through the ritual of gift-giving, as that’s the most important thing.

Make sure to choose a website with trusty online transactions. Safe and secure delivery with the items intact is most important when it comes to Rakhi gifts.


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