4 Amazing Ideas to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom Fittings

Renovating a bathroom sometimes seems like a challenging and expensive task but in reality, it is not if you think smartly. A lot of people keep on getting stuck with their 90’s bathroom having stinky walls and corroded bath fittings because of not having enough budget for bathroom renovation. 

Are you too among them who want to add a refreshing touch to the bathroom but your budget is not allowing you for the same? Don’t be stressed, we’ve got some amazing renovation ideas under your budget. 

How to Renovate Your Bathroom Under a Tight Budget?

Idea #1 – Put Up Some Quirky Or Artwork Posters

This is one of the best and cheap bathroom renovation ideas that can help you hide the stinky walls and add a completely new touch to your bathroom. You can add a dash of solid colored walls with some artwork posters and see how your 90s bathroom will turn into a modern one. This will not cost you bucks and will help you give a new feel to your existing bathroom. 

Idea #2 – Get a Statement Light

This idea will not require much effort especially if you have a power plug on point. For example – You can install soothing yellow lights right above the mirror to add an elegant touch to your space. Doing so will not only light up your bathroom but will also give it a sparkling touch. You can pick any of the latest designed lights to add a trendy touch to your space. 

Idea #3 – Spruce Up the Walls

The foremost thing that all of us notice as soon as we enter the bathroom or any other area is the walls. Right? What about adding a new touch to your bathroom walls? Suppose, if you’ve already installed wall tiles into your bathroom, you can also change the pattern if you have enough budget. You can go with some geometric pattern bathroom wall and floor tiles or add a fresh coat of paint on the rest of the walls and clean up the tiles properly. This will give a refreshing look to your bathroom walls. 

Idea #4 – Add On Some Greenery

Plants do not only belong to the balcony area of the home but can also be used for your bathroom as well. Doing so will help you bring in a natural feel to your bathroom and help you feel refreshed every time you take a bath. If you have the budget to go that extra mile, you can think of adding artificial grass to one of your bathroom walls. This will add a forest theme to your bathroom and give it a natural feel. 

These are some of the amazing bathroom renovation ideas that will not cost you bucks and can help you add a completely new touch to your 90’s bathroom. So, what are you waiting for? Implement these tips and get ready to experience an amazing bathing experience right away. And yes, if you are installing new tiles or bath fittings, make sure to go with a reputed brand rather than opting for local materials. This will ensure durability for years to come. Renovating a bathroom within a tight budget is not a dream anymore!


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