Why Sending Flowers and Cake is not a Cliche!


Flowers and cake are a popular present choice for people when they are confused about giving someone. While flowers are personal and sweet, cake screams cake! Who doesn’t like eating cake and having it? 

*Googles online cake delivery in Indore* 

Anyways, my mom said no to the cake, which reminds me. Just yesterday, I was having a conversation with my mother about an event in Mumbai we weren’t able to attend because of the Coronavirus situation and how close those people are to us, and we were trying to think of a present for them that is really personal, and that also conveys our good thoughts. When my mom suggested we “send flowers to Thane”, which I thought was a brilliant Idea. 

Logical Reason what makes flowers a great gift

Flowers make a lovely gift for even a logical reason: just gazing at them bloom or glancing at them brings a feeling of solace. It’s because of the colours and the scent. For several years, they have been a perfect way of expressing appreciation to acquaintances, relatives, and even the deceased. It baffles my mind how every flower and each colour of every flower has quite a different interpretation.

For instance, a red rose is a symbol of love, whereas a white flower is a beacon of peace and a yellow is a token of friendship. In India, men buy jasmine flowers for their wives as a present, and I have seen faces light up at the sight of it when they put it on their hair. 

What other ways can flowers be used? 

Flowers are also a great decorative item at venues for weddings, bridal showers and even birthdays. The fact that they are easy to get and are cheaper compared to most presents and have an impact makes them a good choice, and now the flower business has also seen a boom, thanks to e-commerce, now you can sit at home and order flowers online, and they will be delivered to the person you want wherever you want. 

The pandemic has created a great drift between many people, be it family or your loved one, and sending them flowers is a great way of saying you are thinking about them and will see them soon. 

Bouquets and E-commerce

The most common form of sending flowers to someone is a bouquet; they come in various shapes and forms. It can be an extravagant and huge one or a small and petite one; either way, they speak abundance without even saying a word. Now the most daunting question is whether to buy flowers online. I would say yes, go for it. Buying flowers online gives you more options to pick from, and that way, you also get to personalise it according to your taste, and they are usually freshly made upon ordering and are handcrafted and delivered right when they are needed, which saves us time because everything happens in a jiffy at the click of a button. 

Sending just flowers can seem too mundane for some of us, and we want to stand out. These websites also sell a wide range of items that you can send with a bouquet, such as cookies, cake, and perhaps a fruit basket, and the best part is that you don’t have to run to two separate stores to buy them; instead, you can get a combo that includes the bouquet as well as the other item that you want to send. On the other hand, Flowers normally do not require an occasion and are appropriate for any circumstance. Even when the pandemic is causing people to become sick and traveling is restricted, get people a bouquet to brighten their day.

There are a lot of other ways to convey your love to someone, or a lot of several other gifts you can give someone, and they are nothing compared to the old way of sending flowers; they may die out gradually, however they are something that makes a quiet impression for the brief period which they remain about, and even if we toss them out after a while, the aroma lingers, and the thought persists. Go and Send flowers online right now and make someone’s day blossom.


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