The Purposes and Process of Building 2 Bedroom Granny Flats

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More and more people are looking into building 2 bedroom granny flats, because they need extra living space for a relative, for housing guests, for a home office, to rent out and make an additional income, and more. The unit is separate from the main house but has the same living conditions and utilities. It can accommodate one or more people depending on the necessities. What is important to note is that these units can be customized however you please.

With the help of granny flat builders, it is easier to put plans into action, develop the right building plan, obtain permits, choose materials, the style of the unit, and all details involved. Not all builders specialize in these types of constructions, so make sure you end up choosing the ones that do. This way, you benefit from their high level of specialization, expertise in the field, and challenges they have met while conducting the work.

The Purpose of 2 Bedroom Granny Flats

There are so many reasons to build a 2 bedroom granny flats because at the end of the day, who doesn’t like having extra living space? The most popular usage for this flat is to house elderly relatives. It is known that they require extra care and attention, and they cannot live alone, far away from family members. Putting them in a nursing home isn’t always ideal, especially if you don’t want someone else to care for them and the prices are considerably high.

With an accessory dwelling on the property, it is easier to look after relatives because they will live close enough to the main house, and you can always keep an eye on them. At the same time, they can still look after themselves, having the needed privacy and the possibility to cook, sleep, go to the bathroom, and relax. Since the unit is on your property, you don’t have to pay for housing, so everyone is comfortable and lives at peace.

2 bedroom granny flats are also ideal for housing relatives while they visit during holidays or special occasions. Instead of having a crowded house and pulling out the sofa or the inflatable bed, it is more convenient to install them in the flat. Your loved ones can be close enough to have their own space and don’t have to share the bathroom or the living room. Even friends that come over can enjoy these facilities, and you can always have some spare space within the property.

What Granny Flat Builders Provide

Before building the flat, it is necessary to discuss with granny flat builders and come up with a plan. Decide where the unit will be positioned on the property, the amount of space it will take, how spacious it must be, how many bedrooms should it have, what type of windows, roof, the flooring you want to add, and all details related to the project. Perhaps not the entire space is usable, and you need to keep count of certain restrictions.

How will the access to the flat be made? Do they have a car and require a parking space or garage? Should the unit be right next to the house or further? These are some of the questions that you should think about and discuss together with the builders. Once the project is approved and established, it is harder to make other modifications. Also, do establish a budget because it is very easy to get carried away by costs and exceed the budget.

Choosing the team

Focusing on a team of granny flat builders is necessary. It is very easy to get excited about the project, think of the result, imagine people living there and how you will decorate everything. However, things can fall apart if you don’t work with the right professionals. Finding compatible builders with your vision is crucial. Otherwise, you will not get along, have disputes, and not communicate efficiently.

Read reviews about businesses in the field, conduct research, and interview a few granny flat builders to see how they react to your inquiries, how open they are, when they are available to start the project, and what type of designs they did so far. Always ask for a portfolio with accomplished projects to verify their skill level and see whether they are like what you have in mind.

Choose the design

Finding inspiration for 2 bedroom granny flats is not always easy, and there are options. Of course, you can keep count of the actual design of the main house so that everything blends in nicely. If you have a classic home with a traditional design, then a cottage style might suit it better. You can add a porch or deck so the people living there can go outside quickly and enjoy the fresh air.

Do you have some extra space in the backyard? If that is the case, then think about 2 bedroom granny flats with a swimming pool. You can use it as an entertainment area, no matter who lives in the flat. Organizing pool parties and outdoor events is undoubtedly better when a cooling area is available, and everyone loves a swimming pool. If you use the granny flat for yourself, as a recreational space, or home office, then even better.

Experienced Granny Flat Builders Sydney NSW Make a Difference

Choosing builders for this type of project is the essential key to ending up completely satisfied with the building. Aside from experience in the field, professionalism, and skills, it would help if you benefit from a warranty. This is an excellent way to protect your money if something doesn’t turn out well or if the flat presents damages once it is finalized.

The team must be transparent regarding costs, materials, and building permits and point out from the beginning what is possible and what is not. It makes no sense for them to say everything is possible and then reveal there are many restrictions. At the same time, they must listen to your requests, consider your desires, and help you achieve the best outcome.


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