How To Buy The Best Digital Compact Camera

How To Buy The Best Digital Compact Camera
The popularity of the digital compact camera is ever increasing. Well, several factors have made digital compact cameras so popular

The popularity of the digital compact camera is ever increasing. Well, several factors have made digital compact cameras so popular – it is affordable, portable, and easy to use. With cutting-edge technology, the qualities of the images produced by the digital compacts are great.

However, to ensure that you have the best digital compact camera, you need to check out a few factors. Remember, the number of ordinary digital cameras is far greater than the good ones. So, you must check out all the pros and cons.

Understand the Myths and Realities related to Digital Compact Cameras

There are several misunderstandings regarding digital compact cameras. Though they may not lead you to choose the worst camera available in the market iosemus, they can stop you from buying the best digital compact camera. Therefore, you should understand the realities of digital cameras.

Megapixel Count

This is perhaps one of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of a digital camera. Most of the buyers inquire about the megapixel of the camera to assume the quality of the picture. However, you should understand that the megapixel count does not have anything to do with the image quality. The greater the megapixel the bigger the picture will be. So, if you don’t want extra-large printouts of the images, you need not go beyond 8 megapixels.

For your information, what makes the difference in the image quality is the size of the image sensor and not the megapixel count of the digital camera.

Digital Compact Camera is for amateurs

This is another misunderstanding that people have about digital compact cameras. It seems that the myth originated from the fact that a digital compact camera is easier to use and may not produce the quality that you can get from the digital SLR cameras. However, the ease of use and versatility of the compact cameras win it for them. Some of the best digital compact cameras come very close to the DSLR cameras in terms of performance. Plus, you don’t have the hassle to change the lens.

Many professional photographers use both DSLRs and digital compacts. This allows them to choose according to the situation.

The more expensive digital compacts are better: Many people seem to be sure about the quality of a camera when they see that the camera is expensive. Sometimes, they go for the pricier models just to ensure that they have got the best digital compact camera. However, this is a false sense of security. There is nothing to claim that the price of the digital compact camera is equally proportionate to the quality of it. So, unless you are certain about the technical specification and features of the camera, don’t take any decision.

Understand the technical specifications of the digital compact camera

Optical zoom and digital zoom

Often people confuse between these two specs of the digital compact camera. However, the concept is quite easy and yet very important. The optical zoom is the zoom that you can use to close in on an object while taking the photograph. This is the zoom that you will be using most of the time. On the other hand, the digital zoom is the feature that you will use to zoom in on the photograph already taken. So, don’t go by the digital zoom. Check out the optical zoom.

LCD Screen

Though many professional photographers don’t like the idea of using an LCD screen to capture their images, the popularity of the LCD screen in the best digital compact cameras is increasing. The manufacturers are competing among themselves to increase the size of the LCD screens in their cameras. Though this is an attractive addition to the camera, LCD is notorious for consuming a lot of battery. Also, certain LCD screens make it very difficult to see the picture in bright sunlight. So, be careful about the pixel count and the contrast and sharpness of the screen.

Image Stabilization

This is one of the very effective features of the digital compact camera. The purpose of this feature is to reduce the image shake that can completely mar the picture. The best digital compact cameras can provide image stabilization to a great degree.

Shutter lag

Shutter lag denotes the time that the camera takes to capture an image after you have pressed the shutter. As you can see, a camera with a considerable shutter lag can miss an important moment. If you want to photograph more sports and wildlife activities animedao, it is better to opt for a camera that has a continuous shooting mode. In this mode, a camera freeze frames continuously. The best digital compact cameras can capture as many as 4 or 5 frames per second.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed is the time that the shutter takes to close. The greater the shutter speed, the lesser the time the camera will capture. So, a camera with great shutter speed is ideal to capture sports activities. On the other hand, if you want low light photography, the shutter speed must be low so that more light can enter the sensor.

Check out the size and shape of the digital compact camera

Remember, one of the most important causes why so many people prefer digital compact cameras is their portability. So, pay attention to the size and shape of the camera. The best digital compact cameras are those that are lightweight and easy to carry. The size of the camera should be such that the camera can be easily packed in a bag.

The ergonomics of the camera should be carefully judged. Of course, personal preferences will come in here. So, before buying the digital compact camera, check it out yourself. Hold the camera to see whether it grips well in your hand. Check out the layout of buttons and whether the right button is at the right place.

Finally, the best digital compact cameras will always make it easier for users to use them. So, check out the manuals and other resources to ensure that the learning curves are not steep with the camera.


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