Facts About Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar power is speedily mounting in recognition. Using photovoltaic panels, conversion of the sun’s energy into usable electricity and power our homes, businesses, and more doesn’t seem like a magic powered idea on papers or as theories, but rather a practical, innovative and advantageous plan ready to be executed.

Read on to learn about some solar power facts spilled by Borg Energy India Private Limited, a company that strives to deliver projects to make the existence of our planet as well as its people better.

1. Solar power is now the cheapest and most abundant energy source

In December 2016, the cost of construction and installation of a new solar system dropped to $ 1.65 per watt, slightly more than its competitor for renewable wind ($ 1.66 per watt) and fossil fuels, said by experts of Borg Energy India Private Limited. A key defining moment in terms of the financial side of solar energy compared to fossil fuels came in 2016 when a commercial solar energy supplier in Dubai offered solar power for sale for 0.029 cents per kilowatt hour, setting a world record for solar energy from all sources. There are currently 89 pet watts (PW) of potential solar power generation on earth, making solar power the most plentiful energy source on hand in the world.

2. Over 2 million solar systems have been installed in the U.S. alone

Near the beginning of 2019, the U.S. exceeded the record 2 million solar system installations. This milestone comes just three years after the industry completed its 1 millionth installation, a feat that took 40 years to accomplish. Most remarkably, the industry is projected to hit 4 million installations in 2023, illustrating solar’s fast pace as the quickest-growing energy resource in the world.

3. Airplanes can fly around the world while running entirely on solar power

Despite the fact that many may be aware that solar power can power trains, cars and, surprisingly, space stations as well, many were cynical when Bertrand Pic-card was determined to fly a solar-powered plane around the world with no additional power source than the sun. In early 2016, the Swiss pilot and professional explorer departed from Abu Dhabi in the celebrated aircraft acknowledged as Solar Impulse II, making his much expected worldwide homecoming in July. The universal flight offered numerous photo opportunities and made an impact around the world about the boundless potential of solar energy, and carved a niche in the field of renewable energy and its potential.

4. You don’t have to get the installation on your property

Folks, don’t be astonished to learn that going solar does not necessarily involve installing solar panels on your own property. In 2019, the concept of shared solar or community solar – the idea of installing a substantial solar farm from which hundreds or even thousands of people can source their electricity – is really taking off and proving to be beneficial as well as practical.

Community solar is now accessible by many huge utilities that have an enticement to supply a certain percentage of their supplied power from renewable sources. Currently, community solar is most popular in 4 states: California, Colorado, Minnesota and Massachusetts. However, with the many realistic and affordable aspects of community solar, the concept is rapidly gaining recognition across the country says experts of Borg Energy India Private Limited.

With innumerable benefits like being Eco-friendly as well as budget friendly, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t invest in your own as well as the environment’s future. The world’s changing, but the climate is too. Go, take action and leap towards saving the planet today!


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