Top 10 Types Of Graphic Designs

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In the modern world, images are everywhere. Any images we see on things like packaging, brochures, brand identity advertisements, and many more things. These are by graphic designers who are essentially digital artists. They make so many kinds of graphic designs it can be confusing to find your own around. Let us take a look. 

Graphic designing skills and techniques

You need a lot of various techniques, ideas, and skills to be a graphic designer. There are many different niches and genres one can get into. This is a constantly changing industry and one needs to adapt on a daily basis. Here is something to get you started. 

Visual identity graphic design

The market is filled with millions of different options to choose from. When we look at impressions the first impression of a brand is the logo, images, creative ideas, colors, and the like. It gives a brand meaning where words on their own just do not cut it. The visual identity tells about ideology, service, and quality. In this case, if you have a brand that is focused on say finance then going with a combination with gold is a good idea. In the case of luxury then black, gold and silver are the way to go. Many consumers make choices based on colors. The right use of fonts is important to make a brand. Also, things like text, scale, and font are very important. A logo should tell what the brand is all about. The images that are used are important.

However, keeping up with quality and delivery is very important. If one wants to gain and maintain customer attention one needs to be clear about the value for money that you are giving them in terms of the quality of products and post-sale customer service. 

Marketing & advertising graphic design

It is important to keep in mind marketing and advertising when coming up with graphic designs. The most important thing about logos is what people are going to receive it as and that is the job of great marketing to nudge potential consumers. This kind of advertising used to be almost exclusively in the physical realm. These kinds of advertisements are increasingly being launched in the digital realm. These include but are not limited to social media ads, brochures, postcards, banners, and flyers among other things. 

Every great marketer needs to have a can-do attitude that they are going to solve problems, have great communication, and are experts in managing their time. Digital advertisements are more and more important by the day. 

User interface graphic design

The user interface is what the person sees. This UI is very important to keep people indulged and attract and retain public attention. It is the making of user-friendly and easy-to-use platforms. Things like micro intentions, buttons, menus, and others. There is supposed to be a fine balance between beauty and technical functions. 

The UI and UX developers work together. The UX designers make the look of a page while those working in UI focus on the overall customer experience to make sure it is easy to use. It needs to be pleasant to look at. The fastest-growing segment is the mobile one as most people use smartphones. The best brand that has UX and UI developers working together to ensure that customers are happy and have a great experience.

In making a good UI design we need to make sure it is authentic; this can only be done if the view looks somewhat personalized to the tastes of the target audience. The work should be clear and clean; you need to keep things simple. 

Publication of great graphic designs

There was a time when the printing industry was king. These days as technology has gotten so far advanced the digital sphere is taking the place of the printed word. A typical person spends several hours a day looking at a screen. The rise of the internet has brought the world to our fingertips. There are people who are specialized in making designs for publications. Those who are looking to work for these publications need to have great communication skills as well as organizational and layout skills.

Packaging graphic design

The packing is not just a wrapper it is a way to interact with a customer. Every product that is sold carries a unique story and has a background that makes it unique. These are very important marketing tools. It can sometimes be useful to sell old wine in new bottles, it does not hurt to rebrand to get more customers. 

The designs are creative and have ideas that are ready to be implemented in the real world. You need to be ahead of the competition and think ahead if you want to get ahead in the world of business. 

When you are working in the industry of packaging design you need to be on top of your game always and need to know the latest trends and what is going on in the market to be one step ahead. It is only with unique one of kind graphic designs that we can attract and retain consumers. 

Motion graphic design

The most happening thing in the world of design is making motion graphics. These graphics are in huge demand these days. Companies make gifs, and animations and show their goods. These kinds of images and graphics are much loved by the youth. These are used in video games, applications, animated texts, and subtitles. 

These include such things as videos, audio, images, animation, and topography, etc among other things. The only limit is our imagination. 

Environmental focus graphic designs

These are the designs we find in spaces like buildings. This is not to make graphics about climate change. These include such things that help people see where they are and where they are going for instance. 

This kind of graphic relies heavily on architecture and design. 

Art & illustration in making a great graphic design

Ideally, the best kind of artists is the ones who thrive in making works of art. There is however a subtle difference between a graphic designer and someone who is truly an artist. An artist makes something that is truly unique and original while a designer just tries to rework whatever is available on the internet that can be worked with.

If one wants to make something that truly stands out then being great at animations is a must. The finest works of architecture or art come together by these artists and they make illustrations that tell stories in a compelling and fun way. They might also come up with stock images, video games, textiles, infographics, picture books, art websites, and the like. 

Lettering design concept

The word itself makes it obvious what this does. The types of letter design and graphic design that we employ. This kind of graphic design also has another name which is typeface design. In order to make these, one has to be really good at typography. If one does not know what that is, it is the basic science of lettering. 

In order to have a solid grip on lettering design, the right kind of font and its usage is a must without which nothing good can be done. The fonts that we choose are not meaningless. They play a pivotal role in spreading your message to the general public. If you do not get it right then your entire branding effort is at risk. In this case, you need to have a logo and a brand name so that as soon as they hear the word, people automatically imagine your logo and products. 

Set props for graphic designs

The movie and TV industries rely on prop designers to get them going. They are the people who make the set look realistic and make the right kind of atmosphere. It is not one of the most appreciated fields out there. The stars take most of the big bucks but it is these people who are the real heroes. 

It takes a lot of work to get this right and they are just now getting the recognition they deserve. 


The industry of graphic designs are huge and the possibilities are endless. It is becoming more and more popular by the day. Also, digital marketing and the internet have totally changed the game and conventional print media is now taking a back seat. The people who make these designs and put their sweat, blood, and tears into making the most visually appealing graphics known to man are now getting their due respect. People get it now that graphic designing is not coming up with a bunch of pretty colors in one frame. It is an art and needs to be treated as such. 

Also, business owners are now recognizing that their product or service is not the only thing that matters. You can have the best products but if you do not have the right marketing material nobody will ever give you a chance. 


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