Stick to your Fitness Program : Personal Trainer Tips to Guide you

Anna Deeter | Personal trainer
Anna Deeter | Personal trainer

63 percent of membership plans are completely unused

80 percent of people ditch their fitness resolution only after few weeks of starting

50 percent of people quit after 6 months of working well

These stats are to show how much people want to reach their fitness goals, get those beach banging body, get the best out of their weight loss but sadly, they simply can’t. Why? Many resolution’s have different reasons why they abandon their goals and quit altogether. From a life that gets busy to those that get discouraged when they aren’t seeing results.

If you are one of those listed above or you are just about to embark on this exciting journey, here are some tips to ensure you stick to your plan without giving up. Anna Deeter, a certified personal fitness trainer has some practical ideas that will help you crush your fitness goals.

Approach your fitness program with the right mindset

One of the main reasons why people abandon their dreams or goals is because they aren’t seeing results after few days or weeks of starting. 20 mins on the treadmill, 20 wraps of squats or first few lifting sessions and they are already getting discourage thinking there is something they aren’t doing well or getting there just seems impossible.

Little by little, you are getting there even though you are not seeing it. Instant gratification produces nothing but discouragement. Patience, determination, and consistency will yield results in the long run.

Life is hectic but you can still make time

If you think you have a busy schedule and no time on your sleeve to workout. Well, there won’t be time. It’s not until you are in your gym outfit that you really have to work out.  A few minutes of exercise at the corner of your room will do the trick. You can stream some youtube videos for some inspiration.

Little things count much when done right

This is something every newcomer in the game need to understand if they don’t want to get discouraged or injured.  Most are consumed about doing a full day workout and getting the result while others are just tempted to try the flashy machines or impressive workouts. Introduce yourself slowly and steadily into the routine and at your own pace. You can start with some simple cardio exercises or a few wraps of press up. If 20 mins on the treadmill are too much, go five minutes.

Switch up and spice up your workout

Doing one thing over and over again are monotonous and might get boring. Boredom get you demotivated and this is part of the reason why most don’t forge ahead with their fitness plan. Maybe you have successfully reached your goals, do some changes and tweaking as constant pressure on the same tissue and joints can lead to injuries.

Swipe up your fitness routine and do different types to make it interesting. This can be combining simple dance fitness to your work out to drop down the calories and enjoy some music. Or u swap between machines and equipment while training.

Taking enough rest while aiming for your goals is very vital for your body to recover from the exercise and repair any worn out muscles.- says Anna Deeter. Either between


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