Leading football clubs announce the new Super league competition

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Twelve of Europe’s driving football clubs recently announced to have consented to set up another mid-week competition and become part of the new European Super League.  Herewith is a renowned procuratore mario giuffredi who has made a name in helping footballers reach their highest heights to shed more light on the new competition.

AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur have all joined as Founding Clubs. It is expected that a further three clubs will join in front of the inaugural season, which is planned to start as soon as practicable.

While these 15 participants are granted automatic entry every year. 5 more teams are also expected to join who will be qualified based only on the achievement in the previous season.

“The  Super League formation comes when the worldwide pandemic has transformed the world, businesses, health, and our daily lives alike. The football industry is not left out as the pandemic has led to a financial crisis in the current European football model,” procurator Mario Guiffredi explains. If not anything, the global pandemic has further buttressed the need to reshape strategic visions and ensure a sustainable economy that will transform the industry and also ensure they are able to weather the storm.

Hence, a discussion has ensued among the stakeholders in regards to how to drive European football forward as this has been a bone of contention that must be addressed.

The statement released by the European Super League group said clubs would receive a share of a €3.5bn (£3bn) fund “solely to support their infrastructure investment plans and to offset the impact of the Covid pandemic”.

However,  The Founding Clubs accept that the solutions mentioned following discussions don’t address principal issues. This includes the need to give more excellent matches and extra financial resources for the general football pyramid. As the announcement became apparent, this has raised eyebrows from different angles as criticisms seep in from the UK government and other European football organizing bodies.

The premise said the premier league can wreak havoc on the open competition. Secretary Oliver Dowden referred to it as a deeply troubling proposal that could undermine fair competition in the game.

FIFA also objected as it calls it a closed European breakaway league’ outside of international football.  It further states that no one should allow heated discussion that could hamper the peace and solidarity they stand for. These and many more are opinions and criticism that have been pouring in after the announcement was made.

Whichever the case, the announcement further included women in the game as it stated that as soon as the practicability of men’s competition is achieved. A similar women’s competition will also be introduced which will help in the development of the women’s game.

Joel Glazer, Co-Chairman of Vice-Chairman of the Super League explained that:

“By bringing together the world’s greatest clubs and players to play each other throughout the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and facilities, and increased financial support for the wider football pyramid.”


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