The Unconventional way: sell paintings online!


Selling and marketing their art could be a cumbersome process for artists. They are generally regarded as shy and introverts. Most of them could have any type of social anxiety. Meeting new people and going to new places can potentially damage their peace of mind and hamper their artistic creation. As every cloud has a silver lining, this occupational hazard could also be addressed easily. Artists don’t have to worry about the panic attack they have while negotiating as they could do this from the comfort of their studios; they can sell paintings online!

The unconventional way to sell  paintings online

The Internet has changed the ways how things were done in the past. This has allowed industries to branch out and develop their ways so that they don’t lag in their respective markets. The same applies to the art world as well. To sell your artwork online, many tricks could be incorporated by you.

You may develop and launch your website to sell art, contact online platforms that act as a catalyst between the buyers and the sellers, establish communication with art galleries, etc. you may also reach out to various e-commerce websites. Some of them have a section specially curated for selling artwork such as eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The blooming online business of art: Here is a reason why!

Selling and buying art online is an easy way to find the art that people want. They need not frequent any art gallery and invest their precious time only to find that the art is way beyond their budget. Online platforms need not hire a place like art galleries to keep the art they have collected. Also, they need not organize an event and spent money on them to market these works.

Hence, buying and selling art online becomes affordable. The website just needs to display an online catalog with prices. The buyer would order the artwork he wants to have. The website would inform you and you may pack and ship the artwork where it was ordered. It is as simple as that!

How to sell art paintings online?

Mainly there are two ways through which you may sell art online and find a good prospect for the sale of your art.

It is time that you make a website!

This all works in as it works traditionally. For some articles to get buyers, the existence of that article must reach them. In the case of art traditionally it is done through art galleries. But, you may make your art reach people by making your website. Make a dazzling portfolio of yours that shall contain your detailed description like where did you complete your education, some personal details and what is the thought process behind your style of painting.

You may also describe your works so that people may understand and relate that. Abstract paintings are hard to decipher and unless you are not famous, you might get a hard time selling them. Therefore, you should attach an interpretation with them wherever you are displaying them.

Many website building tools are available online that may help you to launch your website. If you do not have the required technical knowledge then you may also take the services of various hosting service providers that may make and host your website at cheap rates. Some of them are:-


You may take exclusive services of website builders that build websites exclusively for artists like Faso, Artists Run Website, etc.

Sell art through Third-Party websites

Many established online websites provide opportunities to budding artists that are looking to sell their art. It would be a smart move to get your work featured on these established websites as they attract all kinds of buyers whether they are rich. But, they may charge a fee on every sale of artwork that you sell through them. This fee or commission may range from 20% to 35% on the selling price of artwork sold.

Here is the list of some websites that you may approach as they are established and trusted brands:-

1. Art Ideas
2. Mojarto
3. Fizdi
4. Singulart
5. Zazzle
6. PixPa

Are you new to this? Here is a piece of advice for you!

There is a thing that all artists must keep in mind if they want to get their artwork featured on a leading gallery. All the process is done online nowadays. So, whenever you are sending a portfolio of your for the selection process make sure that the images you are submitting are of the highest quality that you can manage to arrange. If the image is unable to capture the intricate patterns and motifs, they are likely to get rejected. Best of luck with your new journey!

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