3D Printing in Building Construction

3D Printing

3-Dimensional (3D) was first introduced in the ’80s although it was costly to get and complex to use. That is why not many utilized it during that period.

In the twentieth century, the cost of 3D printing was affordable and easy to use. It became popular because of this. It is used in the health and aerospace sector, to design products, produce tools, electronics, and components. A few years later, it has become a necessity in the construction industry. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used to produce a three-dimensional digital prototype of the original work. A three-dimensional scanner can be used to scan the image into the computer. The design is examined by the printer which then brings out various stages of printing combined to form an item. It is not a fast method but it can create any form needed.

3D is also called Additive Manufacturing. It is the use of layered materials in a sequence controlled by a computer to develop a 3D shape. It is used to make prototypes and produce complicated components geometrically.

“The method you use will determine how many components the printer can create at the same time in various colors” contributed Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini. Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini is a building contractor and coordinator who is an expert in cost control and refined construction plans.

A high-resolution technique can increase the accuracy of the printer. This process eliminates materials from any products printed in large sizes.

You may apply materials that can dissolve and have overhanging characteristics when fabricated. Metal materials are costly but molds are cheaper to use.

Benefits of 3d printing

Decreased harm

3D has lowered the risk of construction accidents sustained by construction workers on site. Constructing with concrete materials is risky and tough so 3D gas made it easier and safer. Employees have fewer injuries, fewer reports to write on injuries and work faster than using the traditional method.

Efficient Resource Management

Resources and materials are judiciously utilized without any wastage. Three-dimensional printers use the same quantity of materials to build a floor, wall, and many more. There is no need to buy materials in large quantities because 3D has a specific quantity of materials required. This method of building has sustainability and improves the environment. It is a cheaper way than the old method.

Timely Work

Work is done quicker when you employ the 3D method. The old building technique takes so many months to finish. Whereas, it takes a three-dimensional printer mere hours. It might take a few days too depending on the complexity of the project. A whole building can be done in a day. Workers can complete one project and proceed to another project. The more projects they do, the more wages they receive.

Less Expensive Building Method

Three-dimensional printing prices are less than the old building method. Efforts, wounds, cost of resources, and time are all reduced when applying the 3D techniques. Workers can earn more money and generate more revenue due to the reduced cost of production. Employees working in a construction company can learn new digital skills. They can make use of it within and outside the construction industry. This gives them a sense of security when it comes to their employability.

In conclusion, emerging corporations are creating new and innovative three-dimensional technologies to improve the construction industry. People have started living in 3D printed homes and those in the countrified areas will have access to it soon. It is a resourceful skill that has brought tremendous development to the construction industry.


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