Get the Best from your Affiliate Link Tracking

Affiliate Link Tracking


The affiliate program is the beginning spot for a major larger part of home business people and apprentices in Internet Marketing, as a result of the little measure of work included. There are a few components that you should completely search for before you begin advancing a subsidiary item.

Are you obsessed with Affiliate link tracking, or do you use or or any other link shortened for shortening of your links and tracking of your link. Tracking those links can be very tiring work for you. In today’s post, I am introducing a Simple yet Effective Tool that can do all the work with no charges.


Get The Best from your Link Tracking

ClickMeter is an awesome tool for everyone who wants to get the most of their link tracking. Monitor, compare, and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate this is well said by ClickMeter. From Link Building Services to Redirect, From monitoring to sharing the links, everything is just awesome and takes just seconds.

If you ask specifically, For whom the ClickMeter is specially designed?

Then my answer would be Bloggers and Affiliates. It’s an amazing tool to track the source of every Affiliate Link Tracking commission in one place and skyrocket your revenues!

Elevate a remarkable item to improve comes about

Advancing an item that is as of now being sold by hundreds or partners won’t give you indistinguishable outcomes on the off chance that you have a one-of-a-kind suggestion. An alternate item that lone a few partners appropriate. That sort of program is a tiny bit hard to discover because it is not in light of a legitimate concern for the vendor to do as such for the time being.

Capable and compelling members apparatuses

When you are prepared to advance, you might be lost if you are new to partners promoting. In reality, the greater part of the apprentices takes months to make their first deal, because the shipper doesn’t help them in their diligent work. So make certain to locate a capable and clear partners asset area. That will soar your odds of accomplishment. Additionally, great correspondence with the vendor is elusive, however, it is an absolute necessity.

The case of successful assets

  • Brandable e-books to give away or offer at a little cost with your own particular offshoot ID connects to create leads.
  • Sales letters gave.
  •  Templates of the messages to send to your list(s), pre-written email, or far better.
  •  Free limited-time tips gave, to profit without burning through thousands initially (an absolute necessity for amateurs)
  • Advice and tips for paid limited-time procedures (don’t free all your cash in something that doesn’t bring comes about).
  • Redirect interfaces through your own site. For instance:
  • Banners.

Treats in addition to IP addresses

Today, it is a typical practice by Internet clients to clear their threats day by day or week by week. So if you burn through cash on PPC or whatever other paid publicizing to get a client, you would prefer not to see another offshoot get the commission you ought to have gotten. So endeavor to pick a subsidiary program with the following programming which takes additionally the IP address of your future client. Incidentally, repeating commissions is an unquestionable requirement.

To wrap things up, endeavor to discover connect programs with liberal remuneration design, and give an inclination to the two levels subsidiaries programs since you will be paid on two levels. Great advancement, and make the most of your offshoot life.

Advanced Affiliate Link Tracking featured

  1. Cloaking may Hide source URLs, save your earning / commission codes and keywords.
  2. Rank all types of content Cookies, products, Postback URLs, TIDs, Server-to-server tracking through these SEO techniques.
  3. Generate Links Shorten your URL with your domain name.
  4. Split the test optimization A/B test with multiple destination URLs. Reveal your best messaging.
  5. Real-time reports You act in real-time, so do we. Get reports and be alerted in seconds.

How does it work?

This is a very long URL to share as well as embed, so with help of bitly Tool, we can make this link as we like with a custom name. Like or or even

  • This can be as you like and as per your requirement.
  • Then use the link to share, embed that you have just shortened.
  • It will be automatically redirected to the destination URL using WordPress Automatic Plugin.
  • You share this link “” and it will automatically redirect to the big, short URL.


The plans start at Free pricing! But it limits to few uses. But for this awesome tool, you can upgrade and get the best from your affiliate link tracking. Hope you liked this awesome Tool and Post. If you liked it! Then please share and comment below your opinions.


Associate link building is an aggressive strategy in the online industry. That is the reason to influence the best-promoting apparatuses assuming you need to help your income and prevail as a subsidiary.

The overall execution of your missions, your associate connections specifically, is absolutely critical as it permits you to evaluate the force and viability of your missions. Thus, we’ve arranged an aide on the best way to follow your subsidiary connections with the assistance of the best devices available.


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