Major Factors on Which the Cost of E-Wallet App Development Depends

E-Wallet App

E-wallet app development is creating a bridge that connects the digital gap present between the users and the businesses. It supports the wave of digitization and is the epitome of the budding cashless economy that the world is heading towards.

That is the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs want to unravel the potential of these applications. Today in this blog, we would be discussing the major aspects attached to the same, features, cost, and much more. But first, let us understand what these apps actually are.

What Is An E-Wallet App?

The development of this application supports the hassle-free transfer of money through mobile devices. It is a platform where users can create an online prepaid account to store money and make the transfer of the funds, online or offline. Some of the popular examples of the same are- Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayTM, PayPal, American Express, Samsung Pay, and much more. Apart from the seamlessness that these platforms deliver, there are a lot of other attached rewards that the user can relish once they start using them.

Why Do Businesses Want To Develop It?

There are a lot of popular applications that have created a global mark and are continuing to expand its popularity. The success of apps like Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, etc inspires the budding entrepreneurs to dwell into the pool of unmatchable opportunities. E-wallet app development triggers the revenue funnel of a company and brings invaluable popularity. All over the world, people crave payment apps that are efficient and safe to use, hence, jumping on this bandwagon can surely deliver maximum results.

The trend of digital payment is dominating the development of many countries. We can easily observe the prominent shift of online payments from laptops to mobile. This shift is dominating a lot of transformation in this particular domain, all over the world. The creation of more online payment apps directly indicates to the world that supports the cashless economy. This is the same reason why businesses are looking forward to creating the same. This trend delivers a doorway to step into the future and reap unmatchable advantages.

There are a lot of blogs present online that would thoroughly explain to you the technical aspects of e-wallet application. But that is not actually helpful for the people that want to build it. The reason behind this is because they do not explain the concept in layman terms. So if you wish to unfold all the layers, then keep reading further.

How Much Would It Cost To Create An E-Wallet Application?

The cost is the major factor that triggers the further development of the application. For a client to know about the cost is very normal, but it only can be finalized after a thorough discussion with the developing team. Hence, it is necessary for you to discuss the idea with the company that would be creating your app. If a company is genuine and authentic, it cannot disclose the final amount without working and brainstorming on the related aspects.

So even if we are unable to give you a number before analysing the project, we can always provide you with the factors that shape the cost of your creation. So let us take a look at the same.

  1. The team that you hire

The amount depends on the mobile app development company that you would be working with. If the company is experienced and has the skill that nobody else in the market possesses, then it is obvious that they would charge for the quality that they would be delivering.

  1. Features that you implement

The increase in quality features also triggers the amount. If you want to include features that will help you stand out from the crowd, then a lot of extra efforts would be required for the same. With the increase in the features, the cost of the project also gets the desired boost.

  1. Technology that you use

There are a lot of trending technologies present in the market like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Machine learning, the Internet of Things, and much more. These techs require a certain type of skill set that cannot be discovered normally, and therefore, the use of these technologies elevates the cost.

  1. Platforms that you select

React Native, Android, Progressive Web App, Native or iOs, there are a lot of categories to choose from. But a sift from one category to another also changes the overall cost of the development project. For example, the development of a Native application would cost extra as compared to React Native.

  1. Quality that you want to deliver

The more you focus on the quality of your e-wallet app, the more expensive it gets. But then, it does guarantee a space in the users’ hearts. The quality of the application is linked with the development, design, quality assurance. Therefore, its amount depends on the quality.

  1. The time frame that you follow

A lot of businesses want immediate delivery of the project. IN such situations, the amount of the project automatically increases, as then it requires extra efforts by the creators. The team of developers, designers, QA analysts, etc are then especially allocated to complete the project in the given time frame.

Major Features Of The eWallet App

Here are the most popular and advanced features of the e-wallet app that you must consider to achieve maximum success.

  • Bank account authorization
  • All transaction
  • User registration
  • Receive or pay funds
  • Check balance
  • Loyalty programs
  • Referring to a friend
  • Pay utility bills
  • Transaction history
  • Add or block contact
  • User management
  • Contact management
  • Real-time reporting

Like these, there are a lot of other features that one can implement. But make sure to make your platform as unique as possible.

How To Make It Successful?

Here is a five-step quick pointer that will help you to make a successful e-wallet application. Take a look for better understanding

  1. Deliver maximum security on the platform
  1. Provide value to the users
  1. Focus on loyalty programs and attract a new audience
  1. Simple design to woo your customers
  1. Choose a good team for development

This is all that you need to know about e-wallet app development. If you want to garner more information then feel free to reach out. But until then stay tuned for more information.


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