Will Honda Civic 2022 be launched in Thailand at the End of 2021?

Honda Civic 2022

As the 11th generation of the Honda Civic 2022, it is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation. It starts to appear in China in March 2021. Now, the Thai public can once again see the latest model of the car without camouflage. With appearances in several countries, the Honda Civic 2022 is about to be released for launch in the next 1-2 months.

From the leaked photos we have received, it appears that the on a car carrier. It is unclear if the unit is being retested somewhere or if it is being shipped to a dealership in Thailand.

The white-wrapped Honda Civic 2022 will certainly win over Thai consumers. Thais are currently very fond of white, so it is expected to sell well during the sales process.

Honda Civic 2022 in Thailand

As we have already said, the car does not have much in common with the prototype design. Compared to the prototype model that appeared in November 2022, certain differences between parts have been minimized and therefore look simpler.

The 2022 Honda Civic is raising eyebrows

The Thai Honda Civic is much clearer from many leaked images. Unlike the results of Chinese espionage, the Honda Civic captured in Honda Civic is drawing attention.

At the front of the Honda Civic, it has an elegant and sporty design. It can be seen from the grille model that reflects Honda’s character, combined with headlights wide enough to use fog lights.

At the wheels, the 11th generation Honda Civic features a double-spoke five-spoke model with a dual-tone in sizes 17-18 inches. A good model for aluminum wheels, which have become the standard specification in the United States. These wheel models will most likely also be used on the Honda Civic, which will circulate in ASEAN markets including Indonesia and Thailand.

According to the pictures from Civic Forum, the top line of the body does not look as smooth as the prototype model. Meanwhile, there is still an identical style to the last one in the C section of the pillar. With a shark fin antenna, Honda Civic 2022 looks sportier and more luxurious.

The rear part of the Honda Civic 2022

Entering the rear of the Honda Civic, its appearance completely changes its sporty nature. The Civic’s design has now evolved into a true sedan with more elegance and refinement.

The 11th generation Honda Civic loses the sporty nature of the 11th generation as the new ” C” shaped taillights are replaced by a new sloping style. In this way, the rear of the Honda Civic became more sophisticated in design.

More mature and built

It’s true that the interior of the Honda Civic has no leaks. However, if you still refer to the prototype model, the interior design that will be used for Honda will be adopted from the Honda HR-V 2021 model. The V 2021 has been present in Thailand since last February.

Interior of Honda Civic 2022

It is estimated that Honda Civic will be released globally starting in the next 1-2 months in the US and China. As for the ASEAN market, the 2022 Honda Civic could come out at the end of 2021.

Indonesian Honda Civic with a sedan and two-seater

The Indonesian Honda Civic launched by PT Honda Prospect Motor is very complete, as it comes in two types. The Honda Civic two-seater is priced at Rp 512.8 million, while the sedan version is priced at Rp 533 million. By using a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder inline engine with VTEC Turbo DOHC, 16 valves + DBW. the machine can produce 173 PS of power with 220 NM of torque. All the power generated will be transferred to the wheels through an automatic CVT with Earth Dream Technology. More information in Harga civic turbo.

Hoping to enter Indonesia soon

Of course, with the advent of the Honda Civic, consumers in Indonesia are also expected to receive the 11th generation. If the global debut schedule is executed this year, then Indonesia will be the fastest in the coming year. Of course, this 11th generation Civic figure can make Toyota Corolla Altis must be more alert in the battle of mid-size sedans.


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