Ideas to Help Exhibitors Get Great ROI at Your Virtual Trade Shows


One of the most essential factors in the execution of a successful virtual trade show is its exhibitors. The exhibitors find physical events an efficient way to get lucrative ROIs whereas, they find that their virtual counterparts are less beneficial. The most common reason behind this is people still feel virtual events come with fewer opportunities and can never get as interactive as physical events. 

However, this is not true; virtual events provide as immersive experiences as a physical event would do. Many organizers believe that virtual trades are more advantageous than physical events. Along with it, when it comes to monetary benefits, online events lead. With the help of the best virtual event platforms, you can make your trade show a great success.

If you are planning a virtual trade show but still not sure if you would gain enough profits or not, you have landed on the right blog. Here, we are discussing a few of the best ways to get great ROI. 

Encourage your exhibitors to set up compelling and engaging virtual booths. Also, make them understand the efficacy of a virtual booth. As an organizer, you can display the profiles of your exhibitors on your event website. It will help the exhibitors to get in the notice of the attendees, and get information about them. Along with it, ask your exhibitors to add visual elements to the booths. They can add pictures, videos, logos, and posters to their booths. These elements will help them promote their brands effectively and seamlessly, and when it comes to branding and promotion, we don’t think its importance needs special mentions.

  • Feature Product Through Videos and understand a product from the exhibitors : 

Yes, virtual events don’t allow the attendees to simply walk up to a booth and understand a product from the exhibitor. But that doesn’t mean they come in less engaging ways either. The exhibitors can demonstrate their products online on their profiles either through live streams or pre-recorded videos. Also, make sure the exhibitors include audience participation through audience engagement activities. It will make their booths stand out and gain benefits. You can also get your hands on a 3D Virtual Event Platform; it will make the overall experience more engaging. 

  • Promote Exhibitors on Social Media: 

Another effective way to help exhibitors get great ROI is by promoting them on the social media channels of the organizers. It will keep your audience informed and well-updated about the exhibitors and they will have a clear idea about what is exactly going to happen at the event. Also, don’t forget to add their contact information so that the interested attendees can directly contact them. 

  • Use Gamification Features: 

Another way to back your exhibitors to get great ROI at your virtual trade show is leveraging audience engagement tools; especially, the gamification feature. The exhibitors can use this feature to attract maximum audiences to their booths. Along with it, they can also include features that will encourage the attendees to participate in the games. For example, the exhibitors can set amazing and lucrative prizes that will compel the audience to participate in the games. Also, the organizers can make use of the leaderboard feature; The attendees who stay at the top of the leaderboard at the end take prizes with them. It will encourage the attendees to participate and use the feature. 

  • Pair Up Attendees With the Booths of Their Interest: 

Since there is ‘n’ number of booths at a virtual trade show, attendees might find it confusing about the booths they should check out. You can make it easy by conducting a survey and asking for the attendees’ interest. You can then suggest the booth according to their interest. To make the entire process more effective, you can send contact information or schedule a meeting between the attendees and the booth so that they can connect beyond the virtual trade show. 

  • Conduct Workshops: 

Moving onto the next idea, one thing that you can do to help the exhibitors get amazing ROI at your virtual trade show is conducting workshops. Encourage your exhibitors to conduct workshops with the interested audience. It will help them to connect with the attendees better and also, the attendees will get to know more about the brand and the details. Along with it, the attendees would be able to ask questions to the exhibitors directly and get them solved instantly. 

  • Send Information to the Attendees: 

One effective way to help your attendees know more about the exhibitors is by updating them over an email. As an organizer, you can send a mail with the details of all the exhibitors to the registered attendees. You can mention their booth names or numbers along with their contact information. Also, don’t forget to mention why the attendees shouldn’t miss out on them and the factor that makes them stand apart. 

  • Incentivize Attendees with Coupons: 

Who doesn’t like coupons? We all do. Your attendees will always look forward to deals that come with such lucrative coupons and deals. It is a very efficient strategy that marketers across the world use to boost their sales. You can use it too. Offer deals, discounts, and coupons to the attendees that will compel your attendees to visit the booths and interact with the exhibitors. Also, it might help them exhibit brands to boost their sales; who knows! 

  • Schedule Timings for Attendees to Explore Booths : 

One more strategy that you can use is allocating proper timings for the attendees to explore booths. One might think that the attendees will visit booths in their free time, but the attendees will preferably get off their screens and take a break. We would hence suggest you schedule designated blocks of time for the attendees so that they have enough time to visit the booths of their choice and interact with exhibitors. 

Virtual events, in no way, are weaker or less efficient than physical events. A well-planned virtual trade show will give you equal or more benefits than a physical trade show. With the right planning and smart execution of those plans, one can help the exhibitors get great returns on their investment and make the event a success. 


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