Reason Why People Are Stuck To Social Media Applications For Hours

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Ever used a Social Media application? I guess this question would sound irrelevant to most of you. But what if we had asked this question a decade before. You can expect the answer yourself. Most of the social applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Connected India, etc., were not even introduced in the market.

People only had access to a few email clients including Yahoo and Orkut. But with innovation in technology, things changed. People were coming out with amazing applications that had so many features no one had ever thought of. Social Media is one of the reasons why people are socializing these days and connecting with each other.

The impact of social media is so huge that even strangers are becoming friends. With applications like Facebook and Connectd India, strangers are able to send messages and friend requests to each other. Now the question of the hour, “Why are people these days stuck to social media applications?”


Entertainment is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of social media applications. Millions of people share entertaining videos and other content on different social media platforms. These videos act as honey. People get stuck to these videos and watch them for hours non-stop. Particularly during the pandemic, Social Media applications have given a ray of hope to the people by keeping them entertained.


Most people often feel demotivated. They need a source of motivation that can help them keep a positive mindset. This is where Social Media applications come to the rescue. There are many social media users that post content on these applications particularly for people who need a dose of motivation. The content could be in the form of video, message, or image. Many people have noticed a visible change in their behavior after seeing these posts.


Those days are gone when being for hours on mobile phones was considered bad. These days social media applications have turned out to be the best educators for the students. Especially in this pandemic, it has become impossible for students to visit libraries or computer centers to prepare for their exams. Since the covid-19 pandemic does not seem to end soon, these applications are the only source of knowledge for the students. Hence, it becomes one of the major reasons why people these days are stuck to social media applications.

Love Life

Who doesn’t enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones? Social Media applications offer a private space to all the lovers in this world and allow them to express their love to partners. Using applications like Facebook, Connectd, etc, you can easily do a video call to your partners without taking a risk of going out during this pandemic. Isn’t it sufficient to explain to you another reason why people are stuck to Social Media applications these days?

Family Reunions

Looking at your family members is enough to make your day. However, most of the people these days are not able to meet their parents or children because of a covid pandemic. While some are living abroad, there are many who are admitted to the hospital. Because of the pandemic being cruel, those who are admitted to the hospital cannot meet their parents. But with the help of Social Media applications, they can be in a touch with their family members and talk to them non-stop without any problems.


These were some of the major reasons why people these days are stuck to these social media applications. We do not say addiction is good, but if something is done for the good of others, it is not bad at all. Do tell us your moments when social media applications helped to communicate with your near and dear ones.


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