Transfer OneDrive for Business to Another Account- Everything You Need to Know


OneDrive is a product of Microsoft, used by over 250 million users worldwide & there are times when some of these users come up with different queries. One such query is about how to transfer OneDrive for business to another account.

If you are planning to move your ODFB data to a different account, there might be several issues that you have to face with the aim of completing the migration task.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss what are the needs, challenges, and best solution to copy OneDrive files to another destination.
You will definitely find all answers to your doubts and there will be nothing to discuss at the end of this article.

Swift Solution to Move OneDrive for Business Files to Another Account

For quick migration of files, we need a specially designed tool & the tool we are going to use holds several unique features.

Features like maintaining the data integrity and folder hierarchy, special utilities such as date-filters for selective migration, Start/Stop feature, etc are its major highlights.

Download Onedrive to OneDrive Migration Tool and follow these simple steps:

Step-1 Launch the tool and select Source & Destination Platform

Step-2 Select Documents in categories and apply date filter

Step-3 Enter Office 365 admin credentials and validate all permissions

Step-4 For bulk transferring of data create a user mapping

Step-5 Click on Start migration

What Is The Need to Transfer OneDrive for Business to Another Account?

1. Merger Acquisition

There are scenarios when two companies merge to form a new company, and then for smooth functioning of the organization, management needs to move data in one place.

2. MS Retention Policy

Microsoft provides limited storage space to its users for a particular plan. Due to this limitation, organizations migrate excess data to different accounts, to avoid extra charges.

3. To Surpass Technical Issues

In order to avoid OneDrive issues like improper functioning of accounts, organizations often transfer their data to different OneDrive accounts.

Rigorous Challenges to Migrate OneDrive Data

According to a recent survey, in order to move OneDrive for business files to another account, users find many difficulties listed below:

  • Around 60% of the organizations using OneDrive cloud service want migration without disturbing sensitive data of their business.
  • Approx 43% of organizations have fear of losing their data. This is a huge number.
  • 58% of the organizations lack skilled human resources for the process.
  • Last but not the least, 76% of the organizations fail in migration planning & execution.

These facts clearly show that users are suffering from many problems whiles executing the migration task. There are several challenges listed below that cause hindrance in the smooth transferring of data.

1. Complicated Conventional Method:

The conventional method is really complicated for the migration process as it is a lengthy process first of all.
Secondly, proper knowledge of PowerShell scripts plays a significant role in manual methods, which a novice user can’t perform. Microsoft does not provide any direct tool for transferring files to different tenants.

2. Data Loss:

Moving large data files can be risky, due to which many organizations prefer to operate in small batches. Users often end up with corrupt files or lost files.

3. Migration strategy:

A strong & sturdy migration strategy is really important along with perfect execution. This is where many organizations face difficulties.
Without a perfect migration strategy, there are chances of facing unexpected errors later during the operation. 

4. Selection of a Perfect Tool:

As Microsoft doesn’t provide any direct tool, there are other tools available in the market. These tools are specially made for complicated tasks like the one we are working on.

Best and Reliable Solution to Transfer OneDrive for Business to Another Account Safely

As we’ve discussed the tool above, that makes our migration process easy.

Let’s understand how it helps in migrating our OneDrive data successfully in a safe manner.

Note– Before stepping into the migration process, activate the software first using the license key.

Step-1 Launch the software and then select the source(O365) & destination(O365) platforms.

transfer OneDrive for business to another account step-1

Step-2 As we are migrating OneDrive data, Select Documents in the categories, and then if you want, apply the date filter utility for selective migration as well.

OneDrive migration Step-2

Note: While selecting the categories, enable user group mapping and migrate documents permissions.

Step-3 Login through Office 365 admin ID and then validate the required permissions.

transfer OneDrive for business to another account Step-3

Step-4 Add users whose data is to be migrated & for bulk migration, create user mapping.

transfer OneDrive for business to another account Step-4

Step-5 Validate the permissions again & finally click on Start Migration.

OneDrive migration Step-5

To Sum Up

In this write-up, we discussed and learned the finest solution to transfer OneDrive for business to another account quickly and in a safe manner.
We covered the needs, challenges, and solutions for users’ OneDrive migration queries.
To sum up: If you want to move your ODFB files from one place to another, The above-mentioned tool will make your task a lot easier.


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