What Should a Good App Do?

What Should a Good App Do?
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The days of apps for your business being a novelty are long gone, and it’s now generally accepted that most brands are going to have a good app available for customers to use if there’s anything to be gained from it.

However, that doesn’t automatically mean that each of these businesses is going to be making the most of what apps are capable of offering; sometimes businesses put them out there assuming that it’s just enough that they exist.

This isn’t always an act of negligence; obviously, making a good app is difficult and expensive. However, while the latter might be more difficult to resolve, trying to understand how to make an app in greater depth can give you a good place to start if you’re in the market for an app of your own.

The Aesthetic

If having an app available for your brand is perceived to be beneficial for you, then you want to make it worth your customers’ time. To that end, making your good app the most refined and polished way to experience what your brand has to offer is important. The aesthetic is key here. Again, while high-end animations and web design might have you running into issues with money, this doesn’t have to be the end of the road. 

Keeping the design clean—making it easy to understand where to go, easy to use, and simple to navigate, can do a lot to make for a positive user experience. Additionally, even without the budget that you want, keeping the aesthetic consistent with your brand is both manageable and important.


Even more important than this, however, is ensuring that it works well. Navigation is something that already slightly relates to this, but you might find that the budget you have for your good app likely wants to mostly be put toward functionality rather than aesthetics. 

Ensuring it runs smoothly, does exactly what it’s expected to do, and is suitably responsive, can prevent your audience from uninstalling it right away. Certain technologies might be worth investigating here, such as an open-source API gateway, that can allow for a clean and easy interaction with any microservices, without any delays or performance issues that can dampen the experience.

If your app works well, people will want to use it, and you can use this success to smooth out the aesthetics and visuals down the road.

Data Protection

This is a branch of functionality, but it’s important enough that it’s worth delving into on its own. When using your good app, chances are that your audience is going to be inputting some sensitive data at one time or another, whether this relates to the finer details of their account or just a password to access it. 

Regardless of what form it takes, you need to ensure that you’re able to guarantee the protection of this data. Failing to provide that not only breaches the trust between you and your audience, but it jeopardizes their own security in a way that was likely at least somewhat avoidable, meaning that this should be a priority of your app design.


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