Places to Visit in Spain


Not in vain that Spain is the third country in the world that receives the largest tourists. Being the EU’S second-largest country, Spain boasts of a wide array of things to give its visitors pleasure. Whether its majestic landscape, iconic buildings, stunning coastlines, the country offers a lot of opportunities that are more than just sun and sand. Not to mention that it’s renowned for its diverse languages and culture including the most popular sport in the world- the real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, and many more. What better way to dive into endless opportunities and fun while you get to explore what the country has to offer. It’s no surprise visitors seem to find a hard time making decisions on where to go. That is why we have put together our top picks of the best places in Spain to explore.  No matter the season or time you choose to visit, Spain has got you covered. 

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Spain’s northern gem, Galicia is arguably one of the best regions in the country. Visiting Galicia is like taking a step back to medieval times that are packed with a lot of hidden things that are set to give you a glimpse into Spain’s history, life and culture. For one, your visit is never complete without a tour to the “beach of the gods”. This is the Cíes Islands turquoise water with stunning, bright white sand. While at it, visit the Celtic village for a nice taste of its history, explore the Lugo museums, explore the great lush landscape for an utmost thrill. Galicia promises a lot of stunning places, activities, and more. 


For many years, Mallorca has topped Europe’s summer favorite destination for tourists. This largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands will give you that dreamy summer holiday you longed for. The breathtaking nature, sunny beautiful beaches lining it, iconic architectures,  the picturistiques small towns, the golden beaches. A trip to this island will get the core of being thanking you. Revel in the beauty of the sea, take a stroll through the towns, take a drive through the striking mountains, and just dive into the wealth of amazing things that will get you longing for more. 


Want to experience the Basque lifestyle? In the Spanish Basque Country, Bilbao is the place to be. Whether you are in for fun with friends, as a couple, or a family, Bilbao has got everything to ensure you have a swell time. From bars tonight live to kid-friendly attractions, the holiday is simply about to be lit. Not only that, Bilbao boasts of rich culture, arts, old customs to experience cultural heritage right in the midst of urbanization. Check out the world’s famous contemporary museum, Guggenheim Museum. Visit the 14th-century Gothic Cathedral of Santiago or go surfing on the world’s first-class waves like Mundaka. 


If you want to ditch the hustle-bustle of the city for some quiet life of solitude in one of the breathtaking villages ever, Ronda will sure win your heart. Located in the mountainous region of Andalusia, Ronda takes pride in its jaw-dropping scenery, historic sites, and amazing centers to enjoy. Start with the 18th-century bridge that spans El Tajo gorge, which connects the old town of Ronda to the new one. Then, walk your way to Puente Nuevo, an amazing bridge since the 18th century, or the new bridge to take in the breathtaking views of the mountains. Its rich heritage, culture, and history have also drawn many including poets, writers, and art lovers into this part of the world. 


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