Aware About the Ad Fraud and Beat It

Ad Fraud

2 out of 5 marketers are unaware of the dangers of ad fraud, according to the recent research made by Apply Flyer says Abdul Fares.

Well, if you are among the two-fifth, you are probably experiencing waste of your money, hurt to your business and your digital ad campaign going down the drain.

Moreover, it has been estimated that the ad fraud will cost marketers $26 billion in 2020, and $29 billion by 2021. A huge one right?

It is also believed that internet traffic constitutes 40% of bots with malicious bots contributing a significant amount. From pay per click, to display advertising, it is either your ad spends aren’t reaching the real audience.

This is to say today’s fraudsters are well equipped and highly sophisticated. They have a vast knowledge of the digital world and have become more strategies in their approach. Hellbent on swindling hard-earned money of innocent marketers.

As a business, how can you beat ad fraud and what can be done to resolve these issues? Explore with Abdul Fares, a proud co-founder of a successful digital marketing company, as he uncovers this menace called ad fraud that has become a pain in the neck of many marketers

Be Aware of How Ad Fraud Works

Ad fraud come in different ways and here are common ones that businesses and marketers need to be aware of.

1. Domain Spoofing

Here is a situation in which advertisers are deceived into thinking their ads are going into the expected sites when it is going to a different site.

Sometimes, domain spoofing can be in the form of ad injections. Fraudsters make use of browser extensions to inject ads on web pages where they aren’t supposed to appear without the knowledge the site owners says Abdul Fares.

How do you know you are battling with an ad injection? Sometimes the ads are stacked on the original ad, blocking it and making it impossible to be seen by viewers. It can also replace other ads entirely or appear on pages that are not meant to include ads like porn sites.

Of course, the site owners aren’t going to be paid, the revenue goes to the fraudsters who are living upon your money.

What can be done?

Avoid companies that involve in this kind of ad fraud and work directly with a trusted publisher and not a third party to promote more transparency. Also know where your ads are being displayed.

2. Bots 

Are you experiencing abnormal spikes in web traffic with low conversions? Maybe yours is an e-commerce website with a high rate of cart abandonment. You are probably a victim of bots. Those malicious bots mimicking human behavior and wreaking havoc on your digital marketing efforts. They click on ads, watch videos, fill out forms and so much more.

How do you combat this?

There are tools and processes like anti-click software that is useful in detecting click fraud, bots, and any other malicious activities. “Ensure your publisher or digital partner is equipped with these tools. The good thing is some of them have access to third-party validation service. It can give reports on ad fraud measurement metrics, and validate the ad safety, and tracking.” Abdul Fares advises.

Bottom Line

The key to beating ad fraud is preventing it in the first place. There are no effective regulations set in place yet and arresting fraudsters seems difficult and nearly impossible.

To prevent your ad from being a waste, prevent it!  “Ad fraud is inevitable and preventing it can be however cumbersome and difficult.  Your best bet is to work with anti-fraud specialists or team who know what it takes to prevent and track ad fraud activities,” says Abdul fares. Moreover, seek openness and transparency between your supplier and partner.


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