Tips to Win Ecommerce Conversion Rate Battle

Conversion Rate Battle

The seat is “hot” and eCommerce businesses are always on the constant battle in ensuring visitors do what they want them to do to improve conversion rate: either adding a product to cart or saving items to buy later or making a purchase. After all, that is what makes a successful eCommerce business in the first place says Abdul Fares.

The thing is, it’s not enough to say you are on the average. Even if you have a good conversion rate, there will always be room for improvement and need to bang more sales. The market place out there is not smiling and businesses need to be incorporating the “right strategies” to stay in the game.

Is your eCommerce website experiencing a low conversion rate? Looking for ideas on how to boost eCommerce conversation rates? Here is Abdul Fares, a proud co-founder of a successful eCommerce site, to share some useful tips on how to win e-commerce conversion rate battle. Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t Ignore the Mobile Users

With a whopping, 1.6 billion people use their mobile devices to shop online, if your site is not optimized exclusively for mobile shoppers, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Do you have a lot of products to display? Well, that’s great! Don’t however jampack the pages with tons of information as it can slow down the load time.

Hence, keeps things simple, decrease the load time, and make the whole user experience an enjoyable one for your mobile audience.

2. Use High-quality Images and Videos to Promote your Product

The importance of high-quality images and videos for higher conversion rates cannot be overemphasized.

“With new innovation such as 3d photography, it’s time eCommerce owners start giving customers a whole new experience of seeing, and feeling every detail of a product and even giving them in-store experiences.” Abdul Fares says.

This will increase the trust of online shoppers in regards to product quality, product specifications and they will more likely purchase the products.

Moreover, videos speak thousands of words in a few minutes more than words could and it has proven to boost user engagement. The more engaged visitors are with your site, the more they stick around and the more likely they are going to convert.

3. Win Customers with Free Shipping, Free Returns or Other Sales Promotion

Shipping and return cost are topmost conversion murderers and if you aren’t incorporating this yet, you are likely not going to be seeing any improvement in the conversion rate.

It’s as simple as that.

One thing is customers get this sense of confidence and security that they have nothing to lose if they are giving free shipping and returns.

If the cost of shipping is too high, your customers might abandon the cart and turn to your rivals who are offering free shipping. No better way to encourage customers to purchase a product than free shipping and free return even if it doesn’t sound good with your profit margin.

4. Use Social Proof by Adding Reviews to your ECommerce Site

You know the popular saying- the word of mouth is the number one freeway to win a customer over.

Know this: 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before buying products. Then, how can you earn their trust to increase conversions if there are no reviews about the product you sell.

Let’s face it: customers don’t trust your brand but they trust other customers like them who has first-hand experience about your product or services.

Wrap Up

You might be investing a lot in advertising but consumers will only buy when there are positive reviews on the products says Abdul Fares. “Encourage your consumers to rate a product, and make it easy to take a good snap of the product they bought. Send follow up emails for review of products if possible and don’t forget to add a good call to action. While at it, respond to reviews. This tells your customers you value them and their opinions” Abdul advises.


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