Best Video Marketing Trends in 2020

Video Marketing Trends

Video marketing has been an effective marketing tool that provides businesses and brands attractive, versatile, and extremely engaging means of communicating with their audiences. This has successfully helped businesses to increase conversion rates, build online reputation and boost credibility says Abdul Fares. However, the interesting fact still remains that consumer interests keep changing and the marketing landscape isn’t chilling these past few years. There will always be something new in the marketing world. This is essentially true of video marketing and with 87% of businesses already embracing this tool, it is important to keep up with the latest to stay ahead in a competitive market place.

Explore with Abdul Fares, a business guru and the brain behind Blue Group Digital. He has done the hard work and highlights the video marketing trends to keep an eye on and power up your marketing game this year 2020. Let’s dig in!

1. Vlogging for Brands – Video Marketing

Vlogging is the type of video that is sadly ignored yet effective. With youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram, vloggers are leveraging these platforms to share with their fans their daily activities. In fact, 32 percent of people watch vlogs across different platforms weekly. The question to ask is, how can this help your business? Vlogs have made knowing vloggers persona, culture, and way of life possible. This can be a good way to relate with your audience on a more personal, intimate level. Share your business stories, behind the scene, daily routine, business information or a day in the office. Let your audience vibe with your business, making you relatable, approachable, and authentic and real says Abdul Fares.

2. Video becomes more Interactive and Immersive

Visually appealing, highly engaging, with a journey to the real world: all in a video. It’s no wonder businesses are embracing virtual reality and 360-degree video. And this isn’t stopping but will rather continue to boom. From travel to real estate to education to retail, ensuring immersive and interactive consumer experience has always been the core of every business across sectors and this is what 360-degree videos or AR/VR powered content seeks to achieve. Consumer can now experience what a product will look like or how it will be suitable for their life before actually buying, Thanks to AR/VR. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement that can boost ROI and is the popular video marketing trend.

3. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are other sweet spots making waves in the eCommerce world. On Instagram Stories and Snapchat features, viewers can simply click on the link and be directed to where the product can be purchased. Businesses can use shoppable videos to make buying easy for viewers and accelerate conversions.

4. Live Streaming

Brands and consumers can now interact on a more personal level, thanks to social media.  However, if you are already sharing posts and replying to comments, there is more to be done and that is live streaming. There is no better way to interact and engage with your audience than live streaming. In fact, it has proven to be the most effective way of engagement of all content types.’” says Abdul Fares. From hosting a question and answer session to promoting a new product to hosting an event, if you think live streaming is just a fad, think again!

5. Data-driven Videos

According to Abdul Fares, consumers are more interested in videos that are relevant to their interests and needs when it comes to products or services. Personalized marketing is not something new in the marketing world but data powered ones is something to look out for. User’s personal information, search history, interest, will allow businesses to tailor their video marketing to their requirements.


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