Common Signs to Know if an MLM is a Scam

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Following a trend or a brand blindly is going to land you into massive troubles. One such trouble is getting befooled in a scam. Are you wondering what you must do to avoid such traps? Read this blog carefully and remember these common signs to differentiate between an MLM that is a scam and a genuine one.

To begin with, do your research well and make a list of the top network marketing companies in India. Look out for their background details, year of foundation, stakes, investments, products and whatever parameter you want to keep a tab on. Once you have ticked these off your list, pay attention to the other relevant signs to avoid a deceitful MLM company.

A genuine MLM company never compromises with the quality of the products they sell or the services rendered. Looking out for good brands and their recognition in the market puts you away from getting dwindled with.

  • Values customers

A good MLM company gives great importance to acquiring more customers with a good sale of quality products. In the case of a scam, you will notice that the company is only bent on recruiting rather than pulling a good crowd of customers. Thus, the ingenuity of a recognized MLM company rests on how it values its customers.

  • A start-up to start with?

Any given day it is better to join an MLM company that has been around for 5 years or more. Start-ups are a bit dicey since they barely have enough evidence to prove their ingenuity and reliability. They also put high-pressure tactics to acquire more efficiency from the team members. Contrary to a start-up, a trusted MLM company gives you opportunities for direct sales with good opportunities no matter when you join them. 

  • Unsatisfied queries from the company 

You are sure to have enough questions when you join a company. But how far are you satisfied with their response? A genuine MLM company gives you strong information that you can crosscheck on the internet or from other reliable sources like the company’s annual reports, official website, social media handles, etc. 


In India’s top MLM company list you will find only the companies that are genuine without any scams. They keep their records clean and never dwindle with the trust of their associates and customers. However, if you want to join them, you are suggested not to only rely on the information provided by others. Rather make it your own concern to know the MLM company inside out.


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