Benefits of Grid-Connected Solar Power System

Benefits of Grid-Connected Solar Power System

The electricity system provides electricity that uses an alternating current system while the electricity generated by the solar panel is a direct current that needs to be converted to an alternating current. The grid-connected solar panel system works by converting the electricity generated by the solar panel into an alternating current system which is suitable for use in the household. The grid-connected solar power system is often connected to a utility grind which is an electric power distribution system that helps transmit electricity from one generator such as fossil fuel to the final consumer through a distributor.

Although solar panels can generate electricity in homes and business buildings without connecting to the electricity grid, many people prefer to use grid connection because of its advantages. A grid-connected solar system allows you to power your home and business building with renewable energy in any season and time. And it stores excess electricity provided by the panel which makes it supply electricity to the home when renewable resources are not available. This helps to eliminate further expenses such as purchasing a storage device.

Read on as Boaz Augustin, a renewable energy expert and former chairman and director of Borg Energy India explains the benefits of grid-connected solar power systems.

Gives you the ability to generate your electricity

With the installation of a grid-connected solar rooftop system, you have the ability to generate your electricity and use it as you want. The system often generates electricity depending on your needs and also supplies electricity to your home appliances. You don’t need a storage battery because the panel help save your electricity by syncing it with the grid-connected solar system

It is very affordable

The grid-connected solar system is very simple, efficient, and convenient. Its installation and the equipment used are very affordable and you do not need to maintain it neither does it need a storage battery which reduces your cost. You only need to read its manual and follow all the procedures, guidance, and policy recommended by the manufacturer. Some of the manufacturing companies also offer between 20-25 years power purchase agreement if you decide to purchase and install the grid-connected solar power system.

Saves you from paying a high  electricity bill

The electricity bill is a huge part of every home budget and is often a huge amount because the production of electricity is dependent on fossil fuel. Which is very unstable and unpredictable because of the foreign market that often rises and falls. Switching to solar helps stabilize your electricity and also saves you from a constant rise in electricity rates. You can now predict and fix your electricity rate and savings for the rest of your life.

It helps you generate more money

The solar system often generates more electricity than the home can use and this excess electricity is transmitted back to the utility grid for storage. Solar panel taps and generate maximum electricity when the sunshine is at its peak and net metering will help to keep the record of all the electricity generated by your system. It also keeps track of the amount of electricity you consume and the leftovers.  The excess electricity you generate will be paid to you at Feed-in Tariff by the electricity company.

It is a long term investment

Investing in a solar system is a long-term investment that yields a return every month. You generate your electricity from the solar panel every month, therefore, you don’t have to pay for any electricity company. The excess energy generated is also credited to your account and used during your peak demand. And any extra energy unit generated in your account will be paid to you as a Feed-in tariff at the end of every year.

It saves the environment

The use of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and many more have destroyed our environment and many countries are now working towards protecting the environment by investing in renewable energy.  Switching to the solar system and installing solar rooftop in your home help save the ecosystem and makes the world a safer place for us all

The grid also acts as a storage battery

The grid also acts as battery storage by temporarily saving excess electricity generated by the solar rooftop panel. This helps you save money


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