What are the contents of a consumer complaint?

consumer complaints
consumer complaints

The slogan “the customer is king” can’t be truer in today’s competitive environment. With social platforms and various consumer complaints sites such as Pissed Consumer Complaints, consumers are more empowered and protected. Bought any product that doesn’t meet satisfaction, you get a negative review. Delay in service or poor after-sales service and you simply lose a customer- or more. The lengthy trails in court does not make things easier as well. It’s no surprise that consumers are turning to various online consumer complaints sites to rant an let out their grievances. 

Therefore, as a consumer, you need to know what a complaint is and understand how to write a good one. Pissed Consumer Complaints, your number one online consumer complaint platform brings to you how to crack a good complaint letter that will produce the right results. 

What is a consumer complaint?  

Consumer complaints simply arise as a result of the discrepancy between what a consumer expected about a product or service and what they got. Consumer complaints mean any written or oral dissatisfaction expressed by consumers about a product bought or services rendered. These grievances can be in relation to the quality, identity, reliability, functionality, durability, and safety.  

Complaints could be view in a positive way by businesses as insights into what your consumer wants in order to strategize ways into fulfilling them. Not all consumers do lodge about a complaint, and the ones that do are truly dissatisfied with what they got. Some care about your business and want you to be better. Therefore, complaints should be taken seriously. 

How do you write a good consumer complaint?

A written complaint helps preserve any legal rights you have in a given situation, therefore, it is worth taking time to write a good one. Moreover, a well-written complaint will get notified and will be easily understood by the brand involved. This will guide them to take the necessary steps to redress the issues. Keep these tips in mind while writing your complaints.

Go straight to the point.

While writing a complaint, avoid beating around the bush and go straight to the point. The first few lines should explain the problem and it should be backed up with facts. These include date, serial number, time and where the goods were bought or the service was rendered. Don’t forget to include the name of the seller or the company involved. 

Be specific about what you want or the solution you want

Either you want a refund, replacement or a repair, be specific about how you want the company to solve the issue. This will make things easier for the company.

Do not use sarcastic, angry or threatening words.

What you want is not what you get and you are pissed off about this. Yes, you have every right to be, after all, your money is involved. However, don’t use angry words while expressing your dissatisfaction. Be as polite as possible and be authoritative while at it. Besides,don’t threaten the company and avoid any negative words. This might put the company off and let them be on the defensive.  Let the company know you are serious but don’t be rude while passing your message across. 

Attach all copies of relevant documents

Include all document that might serve as proof while writing your complaints. This includes the photo of the defective product,  warranties, receipts, cheques, and invoice. You might also attach notes or emails of previous conservations with the company if there is any. 

Give them a reasonable time to resolve the issue. 

Include a reasonable time in which you want the issue to be resolved. This will ensure you get a positive answer as soon as possible. However, ensure the time you gave is realistic and sufficient enough to get it resolved. 


Consumers can get their complaints published, addressed by the company and become satisfied with the results, thanks to advocacy websites such as Pissed Consumer Complaints. However, while writing your complaints, ensure you follow these tips to get it noticed by the company for a positive outcome.


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