Each Journey is Special – Best Reasons you Need to Travel to Somalia


Best Reasons you Need to Travel to Somalia

With the need to travel around the world, it’s really hard to decide where you want to travel to make it all perfect. The love you have for travelling cannot be undermined by the limitations of your finances rather it’s your will that helps you decide when and how you want to travel.

If Columbus was coward enough then he never would have discovered West Indies either, so what excuse do you have to not travel?  The urge to travel will let you discover new scenic destinations and surprising cultures that will robust your travelling experience. Wherever you go, always make your journey worth the effort.

Keep your fears aside and travel around the world without any hesitation.

Least Expectations Are The Best Experiences

More than 200 countries around the world, it’s hard to pick the best option. But wait, why not start at the bottom of the list this time?

We can nominate the least traveled countries in Africa that will set your travelling desire into the fire (all in a good way) and you will astonishingly find yourself with the historical domain of Somalia.

Euro Africa travel brings the least expected destination ever traveled to with intuitively cheap flights to Hargeisa so you can have the best travel experience of your life.

Somalia may not be as high supreme as America or Canada, but do not be disappointed by the painted picture. We have got more than perfect reasons for you to travel to this hidden gem of Africa. If you do not believe us then let’s have a look at;

  • A Cave Wonder of Laas Geel

One of the best attraction points you don’t want to miss is the adventure of the caves! Walk into the depths of the caves, covered in wall painting dating as old as 9000 years. To much surprise, these caves were discovered in 2002 by a french researcher leaving much to be discovered onward. 

The natural in-kept state of the surrounding area is what makes this place even more astonishing to visit. With our best agents, you will definitely get to visit the caves with ease and enjoy the essence of prehistoric times.

  • The Coastal Mirage of Lag Badana National Park

Just at the outskirts of the southern coast of Somalia, this national park seems too good to be true. Why? With limited tourist attraction points, this zone has become quite a nominee for the best places to visit in Somalia. Established in 1989, get out the hidden Indiana Jones out of slumber and explore the region with a curious eye.

The park is stunningly beautiful and is a natural habit to many species of flora and fauna. You are bound to spend an awestruck day at the trails and a coastal bar opening to the cool water of the Gulf. can you envision a better place to visit? It’s an out of body experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • Pay Tribute to Arba’a Rukun Mosque

The largest and oldest mosque in Mogadishu is the Arba’a Rukun Mosque. You can get the idea that Somalia is an Islamic country, dominated by a Muslim ruler but you can find various ethnic groups residing peacefully as well.

Did you know the entrance to the mosque was restored in 2017 by a Turkish company? It becomes more impressive with the day as tourists were permitted to enter the premises when no prayers were being held. It’s a fascinating experience for non-Muslim tourists. Out of respect do cover your head arms and legs. Its a place of Holy worship for Muslims. And well the hired guide can give you a full 360-degree tour of this white architecture.

  • Into The Valley of Borama

If you book your cheap flight to Hargeisa now, you are more than entitled to good weather with less heat and a spot-on adventure to Borama. Quite near to the Hargeisa, this city is a wonder of its own.

With a total population of 200,000 people, this city is located in the Awdal District and also is the second-largest city. It’s more than a perfect place to have historical visits and the surroundings are equally beautiful.  As per our suggestion, early spring is the best time to come for a visit so it’s better if you do not delay your flight. According to tourists who had had a chance to travel with us called Borama as Somalia’s Most Inspiring City.

  • Enter the Realm of Bakara Market

Like any other traditional market place, Bakara Market in Mogadishu is a selling haven for the locals. When you do plan to visit Somalia, do come with cash (lots of it) with the intention to buy souvenirs for the loved ones.

It’s a marketplace so beware of pickpockets, otherwise, it is a relatively safe place. You will find enticing goods on the display and vendors are always excited when a tourist comes in the sight, it means they will try to sell you their best item.

From fresh vegetables to local gifts, this is a perfect traditional place you can experience in a true Somalian way.

With 100% lowest price guarantee you don’t have to worry about your travel arrangements, as everything will be taken care of by the package you choose to travel with.

Plan A Hassle-free Trip

Somalia is an underrated country with lots of experience amid the cities including the beaches, national parks, museums and many other places you can visit.

Euro Africa travel brings something new to the table by letting you visit Somalia at a cheap price, and to be honest it’s an exciting adventure you can’t dare to miss out.

All the fun exploring is right here in the heart of Somalia so that you can have a fabulous trip with your friends or family or even can have a solo trip! Exciting right?

“You can get addicted to travelling with the right destination at the right time”.


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