COVID 19 US Immigration Policies and Restrictions


Royal migration, an immigration consultancy company dealing with all types of visa-related issues explains how the US is handling coronavirus crisis including the travel restriction and new immigration policies.

With the ongoing covid19 pandemic and the rising need to curb the spread, various countries including the United States have implemented various measures including travel restrictions. This means the possibility of getting a visa or having a visa extended might not be possible during this period of crisis.

Several US states are on lockdown, flights operation have been put to a halt, and closures of public places are in effect. The US State Department’s global travel advisory issued a stay- at -home order to the nationals and strictly warned them against traveling. In addition to this, the border has been closed, most other nations are banned from arrivals and visa has been canceled as many fear that immigration can contribute to the pandemic resurgence. With these restrictions, who are being favored? Which restrictions apply? Due to questions posed by students, non-US citizens, and other non-nationals working in the US, Royal migration takes it as a responsibility to address these concerns. Read on!

Nonessential travels still remain closed

To ensure safety and limit the spread of the virus, Donald Trump, the president of the united stated recently made another declaration that all nonessential travels to remain closed. This includes traveling for recreational or tourism purposes. Moreover, the northern US border and Mexico-US border have remained closed indefinitely till the pandemic subsides and the country deems it safe to open the borders. Some organizations, government agencies, and companies are also prohibiting non-essential travels by staff.

Who are exempted from travel restrictions

There are some categories of people who are exempted from the travel restrictions and they include:

American citizens

Permanent US residents

People who are inside the United States

Most immediate family members of U.S. citizens

However, the US State Department advisory has warned that those who live in the United State should return immediately. Otherwise, they will have to remain abroad indefinitely.

Visa processing has been suspended

The US has temporarily suspended all visa services in all US embassies and consulates. All immigrant and nonimmigrants visa appointments and interviews have been put on hold. This proclamation seems to be taking a toll more on the applicants abroad seeking green cards based on a job offer by US employers. Plus, a non-immediate family member of US residents or nationals. This means issuing of work visa and new green cards have been temporarily stopped and any applications from foreigners to live and work in the US will no longer be approved.

The health practitioner benefit the most from this policy

To bolster the healthcare fighting covid19, the new declaration has favored the healthcare practitioners such as nurses and physical therapists. Due to the shortage of skilled, abled workforce in the medical field in some areas, hospitals and healthcare sectors have been allowed to recruit foreign medical professionals during this emergency. Although routine visa services have been suspended, emergency and mission-critical visa processes are still in place that foreigners in the medical field can obtain. This means medical professionals, nurses, and physicians can get green cards or visas to conduct medical research or any other research that can help combat the novel coronavirus. Moreover, the non-U.S. citizen international medical graduates have been allowed to begin their residency training programs this summer in order to boost the healthcare sector.

Foreign investors and Businesses

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the global economy, the US in a bid to protect the economy has exempted wealthy foreign investors and businesses from the travel bans. However, note that more restrictions can be put in place. Hence business, foreign investors and any medical expert should consult with legal counsel and apply for green cards immediately. In case you need further information or you are considering traveling to the US  for any other purpose, consult with a reputable immigration consultant such as Royal Migration. Plus, read up   Royal Migration Review to see what their happy clients have got to say!


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