7 Online Courses that Can Positively Impact Your Mental Health

mental health

Mental health is a key component of any person’s overall well-being. Within our minds and bodies, everything is connected, and mental health affects our overall emotional, social, and psychological well-being. There are many factors that affect mental health such as life experiences, biological factors, and physical health.

There are many ways that people can maintain and even improve their mental health. It’s important to cultivate relationships with family, friends, and your community. Physical fitness can also greatly improve your mental clarity and function. Getting enough rest and sleep additionally helps your brain and body function to their optimum capacity. It’s also worth seeking professional help if you need it – there’s nothing to be ashamed of while looking after yourself.

Sometimes it’s worth taking online courses or apps to maintain your mental health regularly and on a daily basis. In fact, learning about mental health mindfulness and how to manage your psychological well-being can actively help you cope and thrive moving forward. Let’s check out some of the best online course that can positively impact your mental health!

Diploma in Mental Health:

This is a free online course that seeks to teach people how to manage their mental well-being. It can be beneficial especially as research indicates that 1 in 4 people face mental health issues during their lives. Course takers learn about common mental health issues, identifying the signs, and how to deal with discrimination. It’s a course designed to help people and their peers deal with mental health in a truly positive capacity.

The Wonderlic Practice Test:

This is a fantastic Wonderlic practice test that was designed by psychometric professionals to improve the mental capacity of candidates who are applying for jobs or universities. Practicing and developing your cognitive ability can massively exercise your mind and has the potential to even make you smarter! It’s similar to how exercising your body can make you feel better overall. Plus, taking a Wonderland practice test will prepare you for virtually any type of employment aptitude test by getting your mind tested and ready for action.

Managing Anxiety for Young People:

This is a three week long course that was developed by the University of East Anglia. It’s a premium course (with a fee) that teaches people how to recognize anxiety disorders, understand mental health ‘stigma’, and develop an ability to help young people who are experiencing incapacitating anxiety.

Mindset Life Coach Certification:

This is a fantastic way to get an accredited certification that is aimed at coaching people: helping them charge of their emotions, thoughts, and mental state. The REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification has a course fee and features 6 hours of on-demand video, articles, and lifetime access to resources. If you want to take an active role in improving mental health for others – this might be a solid route.

Clinical Trauma Specialist Training:

This course was created to increase the understanding of individuals with a history of trauma/adversity. Participants will learn about the impact of factors such as motivation and behaviors on feelings of distress. People take this course because trauma-informed care is an established practice that can potentially improve the livelihood of people with a history of trauma or extreme adversity.

Stress Management App:

Breathe2Relax is an app that was designed to help people cope with overall wellness and stress management on an ongoing basis. The app has many features that guide users with breathing exercises to reduce stress, calm anger, manage anxiety, and stabilize your mood. This application is worth having as a tool in your arsenal for mastering your mental health moving forward.

Work with a Remote Therapist:

Talkspace is an app and web service that connects people to licensed therapists via messaging. You get a subscription to the service and get matched to a therapist who you can chat with at any time. This is a huge deal as you now can work with a professional exactly when you need to – sometimes life throws curveballs and you need to speak to somebody ASAP instead of waiting to book an appointment with somebody.

All these courses and applications are excellent tools and training for any person seeking to own their mental health. They’re also great training for people who want to help others who are dealing with trauma or other mental health issues. Keep in mind, any course or application is not a substitute for seeking in-person assistance from a licensed professional.

Remember to take a well-rounded, holistic approach to handle mental health. There is no ‘one-trick’ magical cure-all. Don’t rush yourself and take things one step at a time. Half of the journey is about taking care of yourself, finding meaning in life, and seeking help when you need it. We hope these courses help your journey managing your mental health and possibly even help you assist mental health for others in general.


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