8 Ways that Enterprise Vault Migration Can Help Your Business

vault migration

Digital document management is one of the most important aspects of any company’s virtual infrastructure. A recent survey found that almost half of all businesses consider their virtual platforms critical or high-priority components.

To this end, upgrading your document management system can help you streamline operations and increase efficiency. While numerous iterations of different digital document management systems are available today, the choice between an on-premises solution and an offsite alternative might seem obvious. This article covers the benefits you accrue from business vault migration.

1. Flexible Working

With cloud-based solutions such as Office 365, you have flexible working. That means you can access your files and documents anywhere using any device. You can view it from your desktop, laptop, or phone.

Having the flexibility to access your documents from anywhere you like means that you can work from home or on the road. You do not need to carry a laptop, as all your business files are accessed and stored in the cloud. In addition to usability, this can also help you save money on travel costs and time.

2. It is Secure and Reliable

Your business data and documents are stored in the cloud. Microsoft operates the hardware, which provides a secure and reliable environment. Furthermore, Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime. That means less downtime and a quick resolution of any issues. On-site vault migration is a low-cost and highly secure way to transfer your files to a cloud-based storage solution.

Office 365 has a high level of security, with 2-step verification and separate access for the executive suite. That means if your account is compromised, it is effectively locked down after a few failed login attempts to prevent unauthorized access.

Gone are the days of having hundreds of storage disks and folders on your server. Microsoft makes managing your data easier and provides a reliable cloud storage solution for all your business needs.

3. It is Highly Cost-Effective

Compared to on-premises solutions, the cloud variant is cost-effective in several ways. First, there are no upfront costs for buying equipment, software, or subscriptions to access these applications. Secondly, there are no infrastructure costs related to running your server or network. In addition, you reduce your overhead with offsite backups of your business data, which is usually an expensive endeavor for businesses on their premises.

4. New Tools and Apps

With cloud-based solutions, you access new tools and apps more often. After all, Microsoft and other providers continue to roll out new cloud services regularly. The cloud is a key benefit, as it keeps your business up to speed with the most sophisticated apps and tools available today.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

A long list of features in Microsoft 365, as well as its streamlined application process and streamlined licensing, help you get the support that’s most important to your business. That includes 24/7 technical support and the ability to resolve issues remotely. You also get access to a worldwide network of 15 languages and information services tailored to help you deal with emergencies anytime, anywhere.

6. Complete Business Convenience

Among the key benefits of enterprise vault migration is business convenience. With cloud-based solutions, you do not need extra staff for data storage. And you do not need to worry about hiring contractors for network security. Instead, you have a complete IT solution that eliminates downtime and offers skilled help that responds quickly to any issues or requests. You have task management software, calendaring solutions, and other productivity tools that address almost every aspect of your business.

7. Scalable Business Growth and Professional Development

Many businesses struggle to keep their employees and managers engaged. With cloud-based solutions, you can quickly expand your team and ramp up staff productivity. You get the benefits of high-speed access, all while eliminating security risks that would have otherwise sprung from out-of-sight data storage. You get on-demand support for all IT initiatives using a cloud-based solution. That includes business continuity and disaster recovery plans, which are essential for keeping your business safe and secure.

8. Business Intelligence and Productivity

Migrating to a cloud solution, you get real-time data, plus a host of special features that help you stay on top of operations. You get integrated reporting, alerts, and access to valuable information when you rely on a cloud-based solution. You can also use the same service to access information from other systems and networks.

It lets you manage multiple processes with one platform and report on key metrics across your enterprise. Microsoft 365 will help you make the most of your business intelligence resources with co-branded technology that integrates with your existing systems. You also get proactive security solutions delivered through cloud solutions, which are necessary to keep a secure network.

Take Away

Business vault migration is not easy. It is a process that requires planning and coordination. The best way to solve all these challenges is to hire professionals to help you with the migration. You will enjoy several benefits from using cloud-based business solutions, as covered in the article.



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