10 Advices from the Exhibition Stand Designers


You might be feeling overwhelmed if you are looking forward to promoting the products and the services for the very first time. You might also be a little confused as well in terms of how to go ahead in designing the best exhibition stand.

You will come across some great exhibition stand designers who are now offering great tips as follows:

Knowing how to design the best exhibition stand

Utilizing the elaborated and larger designs

You need to look for huge and elaborated designs as a matter of fact that the exhibition stands would be displaying the concept of your brand including the theme. You need to consider choosing the 3D pieces including the elements of proper lighting, fabrics as well as signage as this would be attracting your visitors.

You need to teach them everything that you are looking to about your company. You need to be a bit creative to gain profits. You also need to have fun and make it an ideal one so that you will be something different from that of the others so make sure that your exhibition stand design graphic designers know them all.

Go less with the texts

You need to go ahead with the words and phrases that are completely clear as well as concise. You need to avoid sentences that are too lengthy. While you are looking to get your message that too around the world, you need to go ahead with a single word.

You need to make use of the fonts that are huge and clear so that they can be noted from faraway. You need to make sure that your text is aligned with the entire image of your brand to remind them all. On the upper half of the stand is where the texts need to be placed so that it does not get blocked by the head of the visitor.

Proper lighting

This is going to help you greatly in increasing the traffic to your booth as this is something that is quite important. With the proper lighting, it will be creating an environment that is both inviting as well as attractive. For emphasizing the areas of the exhibition stand so that people are lured to the particular products and the services you render with the use of the lighting.

Take help from experts

You need to make sure to work out with the professional exhibition stand designers. It is quite common that people are usually afraid to get someone hired for your exhibition stands. You need to have the right knowledge as well as the skills for designing a heavy trade show both that are capable of attracting several people while displaying your message to them clearly. You will be facing a reliable exhibition display stands.

Create an open exhibition stand

To allow people to enter comfortably for communicating the progress as you need to design in an open booth. You need to get rid of the standard practices.

Have uncluttered trade show exhibits

If you are looking to attract the attention of the customers to your product then the exhibition display stand should be cleaned in a proper manner. They should immediately be able to figure out when and where the product is promoted to when the visitors come up to your stand.

Understand your space

Before you start planning your exhibits, find out whatever you can about your space, such as the dimensions, the location, companies in your neighboring booths, and the traffic density of the area, access to electricity and lighting and anything else that is likely to affect the setup or functioning of the display.

exhibition stand designers

You need to find out about the space that you have before planning on your exhibition it is for the best exhibition stand design UK.

Rent vs. purchase decisions

Rent or buy

It is a great way when you are looking to rent them instead of buying the displayed components. You need to buy them if you do not have on. It is not a wise thing to do when you are attending the trade show they do not even do it for free.

Lowering your shipping costs

You need to work in a way as you need to lower down your shipping costs while you are designing your trade show booth. If you are choosing heavy and larger sized displays, it proves to be costly ones in terms of shipping them. You need to go ahead with the collapsible, smaller and lightweight displays.

Create an integrated appearance for the displays

You need to create a unified look for the stands as you need to choose at least as this is going to have a professional impact. The color usually attracts plenty of customers; this is the reason why you are using softer ones such as that of beige and rest. So, these were some creative ideas for exhibition stands.


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