Fashion Mania – Your Complete Shopping Guide to New York

New York is a desired shopping destination for fashionistas from all over the globe. This is a huge metropolis, which is characterized by a rapid pace of life. Located on islands in New York Bay, today it’s the largest community in the United States, which occupies a leading position in many areas, and the fashion industry is among them. Multiple outlets, brand boutiques, and shopping streets attract thousands of travelers who want to upgrade their wardrobes.

If you are also a shopping fan, New York is ready to impress you with its huge retail space. You will probably need to rent a stick shift car in NYC to move freely between the main shopping areas of the city. In order to make your trip unforgettable and your shopping experience successful, check out several important aspects…

Why shopping in New York is a good idea?

The city has many interesting outlets. There are large-scale shopping centers, luxury boutiques, small shops and multi-brand stores. Most retailers offering clothes, perfumes and cosmetics are located inside of huge malls. Having visited the mall, you can buy a variety of goods in one place.

Shopping in New York will bring you a lot of pleasure. This is a true paradise, where you should get to feel yourself at the pinnacle of success.

Consider the following point to shop without excesses: all goods in New York are taxed. Thus, the total amount is the price of the item plus tax.


Sales Seasons

Sales in New York take place all year round. Discounts in stores can be seen in any season. There are more sales in the summer. In winter, tremendous discounts are celebrated before Christmas.

In spring and autumn, some boutiques also sell their goods at attractive rates. Discounts may be provided on past collections, for the purpose of advertising or in connection with public holidays.

There are also special discounts for tourists. They have the designation ‘tourist discount’. So, don’t forget to ask sellers if such a discount applies to their goods. In case you purchase a large number of items at the same time, you can expect great discount. In this case, you can reduce the purchase amount by 15%.


When is the best time to visit New York for shopping?

The most optimal time to travel for shopping is the Christmas holidays. However, Thanksgiving Day is also a perfect period to make purchases. Good discounts are also available until mid-January. As for the warm season, midsummer is a wonderful time for shopping. Sales are indicated by the ‘Sale’ or ‘Clearance’ banners at the entrance.

What are the most popular places for shopping?

Manhattan is the largest administrative district of the city. Its avenue and streets attract shopping fans from all over the world. This area of ​​New York has world-famous shopping centers, boutiques and shops – you will find trendy clothes and accessories from the collections of famous designers.

Fifth Avenue

Be sure to visit Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany boutiques, as well as Bloomingdale’s department store. 5th Avenue is considered to be the main shopping street of the district. Any local boutique is striking in luxury and splendor. Each of them tries to stand out among competitors. Therefore, the interior of such boutiques is very similar to the museum hall.

The following boutiques deserve special attention: Salvatore Ferragamo, Escada, Emilio Pucci, Takashimaya, and Hugo Boss. This is not a complete list of brands on 5th Avenue. It also has the Macy’s mall with many shops and boutiques available on its territory.

Fendi, Gucci, Bvlgari, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more are also located on 5th Avenue. The most famous American clothing factories are located between 34th and 40th Streets. Next to them there are small outlets selling goods from a warehouse at affordable prices.



While visiting local stores, fashionistas find super popular goods of famous brands. This is a cult shopping street, and the best boutiques in New York are concentrated there.

All the best and most modern can be seen on Broadway. This street stretches across Manhattan and the Bronx. When visiting the legendary place, pay attention to the Prada boutique – there you can buy luxury items, enjoying the unusually pleasant atmosphere of the boutique.


Madison Avenue

This street is no less attractive for shopping lovers than 5th Avenue. This street is also placed in Manhattan. It’s famous for its flagship boutiques of popular brands. Among them there are the following companies: Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

Madison Avenue is home to the huge Barney’s New York department store, where you will find clothes from the most actual collections. It’s located next to the Bergdorf & Goodman shopping center on 61st Street and Madison Avenue.

The cost of goods is quite high, but such trendy clothes will cost even more in other places. Also, it sells exclusive cosmetics. On its shelves there are products of such famous brands as Shiseido, Armani, Bobbi Brown, Cle De Peau and others.



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