Fulfil Your Dream of having a Big Business


Establishing a business is not a day’s job. It is the planning, execution, and output of many days’ hard work and tireless efforts. Whether you plan to open a new business in your country or abroad, you have to contact many people to complete the documentation of your company.

There are so many steps which you have to follow to get your company register according to the Company Act. But if you get an exact way to reach your destination, you reach a little faster than that other competitors.

Start your Business Today

HeySara helps you to reach your destination a little faster. You cannot inaugurate your business until you open a corporate bank account in one of the reputed banks of Singapore. Evidently, the main objective of opening a big enterprise is to earn profit and earn money. Ultimately, the financial activities of the company cannot begin unless you open an account. So, let’s learn more on corporate account opening here.

The first and foremost step is to register the business online via Bizfile. The registration can be done on the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to initiate its work process.

Opening a new business in Singapore is neither a hazardous nor an arduous task. The only requisite feature is that the applicant should be above 18 years old and should not have any criminal record. He should have a positive bank report and is not bankrupt. After the registration, the applicant can apply for opening the bank account to continue with the transactions.

The Application Process

Every year thousands of applications are received by the Singapore ministry. However, only the eligible foreigners get the approval to apply for the pass depending upon their requisites. The different pass is available for different categories of the people who want to make their visit in Singapore with a specific objective. Whatever the reason is except tourists visit, the need to open a corporate bank account is essential.

The documents required to open a bank account vary due to two reasons. Firstly, the nature of your business and secondly, the country you belong to. The Singapore government has framed different laws for the different countries. Thus, the documents are required as per the demand of the banking officials.

Though some banks provide instant services to their customers via website with no demand for signature or document submission. But this facility is solely for the Singapore incorporation companies possessed by residents or PRs. But if you are going to open an account, keep the standard documents ready with you. These act like your own nation demands you to carry the documents with you while opening a bank account.

Let HeySara Help You

HeySara is always ready to assist you in making your work easier. From the inception of your company, till you get all the documents register, we serve you and guide you at every step. You just need to complete all your documentation from the authorized signatory. This way, no obstacles are created while submitting the form for the account opening.

If any case, the bank demands extra documents to enclose with the main application form, it should be handy and ready with the signature of the assigned authority.


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