Hairstyles for Men that Make you Different

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Embracing a new hairstyle all goes down to whether or not the hairstyle suits you. It all depends on your face shape, hair type, hair products and of course, something that is trendy, hot that will shake things up this new year. Although it is sometimes difficult to get a hairstyle that looks good on you, a solution to all these has been given by 1 Gravity, a renowned Singapore-based hair salon.

It can be tiring choosing a hairstyle from thousands of hairstyles available. Based on this, 1 Gravity reviews have been able to gather detailed reviews and information on hot and trending hairstyles for the year 2021. If you are tired of your current hairstyle and you are looking for a fresh trendy cut. Or you are a hairstylist in need of inspiration, you can never go wrong with these hairstyles ideas. 

Slick Pompadour

With thinner tresses, your hair can be worked up into a modern pompadour fade. This can be achieved by using a volumizing mousse and pomade to mould your hair and keeps it in place. This hairstyle matches a contemporary look and gives a timeless appeal. 

Razored cut short hair

This type of hairstyle involves slicing and texturizing the hair. The common instrument used is a knife-like razor. This hairstyle can be appealing if men with thin or fine hair keep the top fairly short with a shorter back and sides. One of the benefits of this hairstyle is that you can easily tailor it to suit your taste.   

Messy hairstyle 

This also can be called wake up and go hairstyle. A touch of wax or clay guarantees an even more cool style and makes sure the sides are short and neat. 

Loose curls

This type of hairstyle gives a natural look in a relaxed and rugged way. 

Low fade and side-swept hairstyle

This gives a classic look when the sides are separated, giving it a side-swept. The low fade hairstyle makes the skin under the hair appear on the hairline.

Spikes and fade

Also called faux hawk, this is a perfect style that adds volume to your hair. It is one of the highest trending hairstyles in 2020 and will sure rock 2021. This type of hairstyle gives your locks height and definition and places them in the right place.

Buzz Cut

This is a great way for gents to take care of thinning hair problems. This hairstyle is part of the very fashionable list of hairstyles, with a bonus of an on-trend look. This is perfect if you like short length hair, ripped jeans and an edgy attitude can top it all to bring out the best look.

Quiff Fade

This is an easy hairstyle that looks good on every face cut. The hair in front is kept long while the back hair is slightly folded. Quiff can also be called a messy-on-top hairstyle. It makes people think your hair is thicker than it is. 

Blowout haircut

A blowout haircut is a popular haircut among men that likes a voluminous hairstyle. This classy hairstyle requires the top of your hair cut to a medium length. It gives you a hot and sexy look.

Back slick hairstyle

This is contemporary style yet classy. To rock this look, this doesn’t require much product, just ensure to keep your hair clean and thick. 

Caesar hairstyle

With your hair cut short with a small horizontal fringe, this hairstyle can be achieved. Add a fade to top this look.

High Fade

For a perfect high fade, visit an experienced barber to avoid any inconsistency in the graduation of the length because any inconsistency will be highly noticeable. The high fade hairstyle gives a striking and stylish look.

Fringe hairstyle

This hairstyle is a bang that helps you look great when worn messily. It’s a mid-length cut with your front hair lying on your forehead.

1 Gravity delivers the best fashionable and customized hairstyle to their clients. For more hairstyles, check out 1 Gravity reviews and get in touch with us.


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