Solar Energy for Nonprofit Organisations

Solar Energy for Nonprofit Organisations

Know with Matt Brannelly, how nonprofit organisations can take advantage of solar energy to generate electricity. This question is no surprise as many organisations, private businesses, schools, stores and homeowners are already embracing the clean energy. Solar power becomes the key to saving overhead cost and promoting corporate responsibility.

If profit-based organisation are adopting clean solar energy, why won’t non-profit? After all, less money spent on electricity translates to more money available to carry out the mission .

Herewith is Matt Brannelly, the founder of Orbit NFP hub-a company with a long history of helping nonprofit organisations whether to decrease costs, boost revenue or provide expert tips and best practices. This expert shedsmore light on how nonprofit organisations can go green by employing solar energy and its benefits. Keep reading!

Lower Energy Cost

As longs as your organization is in business, you will always have the need for electricity with more bills to pay says Matt Brannelly. This can be quite frustrating especially for a company that isn’t based on profit. Hence, how can you reduce bills and still enjoy electricity? Go solar!

When you incorporate solar power instead of relying on the utility company, you can reduce your electricity cost and even save up to 50% on electricity. As long  as there is sun ,there is always be energy to power your electricity. And when the night dawns or there is less sunlight, you can always fall back to solar energy battery storage for help. This is the best investment you can do for your business, your pocket and even the planet earth.

Do good to your Environment

Solar power is a clean, reliable, abundant source of energy that is highly loved by many. Apart from being affordable, it is a way of embracing a pollution-free energy source without releasing harmful substances to the environment. Hence, solar is known to have a favourable impact on the environment as opposed to fossil fuels. Incorporating this clean energy is also a way of making a positive impact on the environment and to society at large.

Lead by Example

“Solar energy is loved by many -from schools to small startups to government organisations to large companies like Google. This can be a means to garner help and sponsor as many are committed to a cleaner, green energy, Matt Brannelly explains.

Non-profit organisations can also lead by example and encourage others whether partners or clients by embracing solar energy. You can use your impact to promote solar energy.

Take Advantage of Solar Energy Financing Options

Matt Brannelly says the two popular ways a nonprofit organisations can take advantage of solar power financing options are Direct ownership and Third-party ownership.

1. Direct Ownership

As the name implies, means the non-profit pays and owns the whole solar system for its building including the electrical output. This makes sense considering the benefits and various incentives available. Besides, you are increasing the value of your property by investing in solar.

2. Third-party Ownership

One challenge of adopting solar by a non-profit is that they do not have access to the tax benefit as they don’t pay tax. However, there are third parties such as investors who are willing to pay for solar energy and on behalf of the nonprofit organisation. A good option for those who do not have the capital for upfront installation costs and can’t benefit from  tax benefits.

If you are a nonprofit organisation and ready to take your business to another level through solar power, Orbit NFP hub is here to help. Born out of the zeal to help non-profit grow, Orbit NFP hub has all it takes to help your non-profit company decrease cost and create revenue streams. Going solar is one of them and it is a great way to retain more funds needed for the welfare and betterment of society.


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