What to Consider When Hiring an AV Rental Service

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Audio Video or DVD technology is the digital method of converting audio into an image format compatible with video viewing on-demand, generally a computer or television screens. AV rental companies offer this equipment to customers for rental at a reduced rate to be used in their personal and business events.

The most common type of AV equipment rented by a rental company is the DVD player. Many rental companies offer a DVD player that is compatible with the specific version of Windows operating systems and also offers a few that are Vista-compatible.

A few other types of equipment offered by a rental company include wireless speakers and microphones. Some rental companies also offer AV amplifiers and speakers. You will also find a range of speakers and microphones that are compatible with most AV players but are not intended to be used as stand-alone devices. The majority of rental services provide a range of other equipment such as microphones, DVD recorders, CD players, and speakers.

Type of Company

The equipment you will find at your AV rental company may also vary from company to company. Each rental company may have its own individual brands such as Yamaha, Sony, Samsung, Logitech, Dell, and Apple and a number of companies will offer AV equipment manufactured by a few of the largest manufacturers.

The majority of AV equipment has a basic warranty on it, typically from one year to thirty days. You can expect that you will be able to return the AV equipment to the rental store or reseller for a full refund. Some rental services offer a one-year warranty on most of the equipment, with a few providing a two-year warranty on some products.

Many rentals companies allow for rentals to be carried out for a set price. The price is usually the same each time the equipment is used. This is often considered a standard practice among most rental stores.


Some AV rental providers charge for equipment that is returned after the first use. This is to cover the cost of replacing or repairing damaged or defective equipment. Most rental companies will provide information on their websites or in their advertisements on what they consider standard return policy. If you are uncertain about what policies apply to your specific item, you should contact the rental company to clarify any policies you are concerned about before agreeing to rent from them.

There are some rental stores that will provide you with a full refund or replacement of any AV equipment you buy. If this is the case, you should always check with the rental store before agreeing to rent from them.


When choosing an AV rental service, you should carefully consider how the equipment is shipped. Some rental companies will ship the equipment via a UPS or FedEx ground delivery, others through air freight, while other AV rental companies will ship your equipment via a common carrier, such as the U.S Postal Service or the U.S Post Office.

Many AV rental stores will allow you to bring the equipment to the store when you sign the contract. However, if the equipment is not yet available you may need to leave the store and bring it back. Once the equipment is ready to be installed, it is unlikely that the store will send it back to you at that time.


It is important to know that the AV rental company will only return the AV equipment to the customer who rented it. if the customer has fulfilled his or her responsibilities to pay for the equipment and fulfilled their returns responsibilities when they were purchasing the equipment. If the customer is unable to pay the bill, the customer should never pay for the equipment. In addition, if you fail to return the equipment before the expiration date of the rental, you may be charged a late fee.

There are a few points to consider when you are considering AV rental services. The main points include but are not limited to, whether the rental store you are thinking about renting from is authorized to sell the equipment from the manufacturer, the amount of equipment you can rent, whether the equipment is insured, and whether they will provide a refund for items returned if they are not returned.


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