Covid-19: Treatment and Diagnosis of Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic is currently rampaging across the globe, infecting millions of individuals. Due to the novelty of the virus, information regarding its diagnosis and treatment is still sparse. This lack of data has led to even more panic among individuals, which is why one must devote some time to understand these aspects of Covid-19.

Currently, more than 33.5 lakh Indians have been infected with the condition, with thousands of new cases emerging every day. Knowledge of its diagnosis and care should help an individual seek the necessary Coronavirus treatment if the need arises.

Diagnosing Coronavirus

Healthcare workers can use several methods to determine whether an individual is infected with this particular virus before their treatment can begin. In most places, doctors rely on normal diagnostic practices, which are also common for other viral infections. These include the following – 

  • Blood sample test
  • Saliva sample test
  • Tissue sample test

Another commonplace Coronavirus diagnosis procedure is to use cotton and to take a swab from within an individual’s nostril. One’s primary care physician will determine from the signs and symptoms whether he/she requires such Covid-19 screening tests. Since the symptoms of the disease are often similar to the common cold, understanding when to undergo laboratory testing can be difficult.

What is the treatment for Coronavirus: Common forms of therapies 

Listed below are some of the accepted forms of treatment for the disease. Although a full-fledged treatment is yet to arrive in the market, the following procedures are known to improve the conditions of Covid-19 positive patients – 

  • Treatment with a concoction of corticosteroids, including methylprednisolone and dexamethasone, has shown promise in severe and moderate cases of Covid-19 infections. 
  • Ramdesivir is an emergency remedy for critically infected patients, especially those suffering from severe respiratory issues and lack of oxygen.
  • Lastly, plasma therapy is also highly effective in some cases. In this form of treatment, plasma from the bodies of recovered Covid-19 individuals is transfused into the bodies of patients currently battling the condition. This is a promising Coronavirus treatment, provided a donor with a matching blood type is found on time.

Regardless of the treatment for Coronavirus one seeks, hospitalization is often necessary, especially for cases ranging between moderate and critical severity. Thus, the expenses involved with the therapy can be too much to bear from one’s own pocket. Coronavirus insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions can go a long way to cover the cost of hospitalization and other associated charges.

How does the policy help you seek Coronavirus treatment?

Admission into a quality hospital or healthcare facility can be expensive. However, the nature of this viral infection is such that delaying treatment to arrange for the necessary fund is not an option. The Covid-19 Protection Cover can allay such financial fears under these circumstances.

A policyholder can expect the following coverage from this plan – 

  • Complete hospitalization benefit for Coronavirus treatment

If the policy beneficiary is hospitalized for a period of no less than 24 hours for the treatment of Covid-19 or its related comorbidities, he/she can claim financial compensation from this policy. The plan will cover the hospitalization charges in these cases, along with pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

  • Ambulance expense cover

Policyholders can claim up to Rs.2000 as ambulance charges for transportation to and from the hospital premises. 

  • AYUSH cover

Covid-19 positive policyholders seeking alternative forms of treatment for the disease from government authorized Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, and Siddha centers can also claim against their policy to pay for the related expenses.

Besides the highly useful Covid-19 Protection Cover, one can also check out the other policies under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions, offered by Bajaj Finserv. These plans can strengthen your finances against every unforeseen circumstance.


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