How Facial Recognition Changed The Outlook Of Major Businesses

Secure you, secure the world’ if this is the saying where security has been emphasized the most; then the concern automatically comes over the security. It is not only important to protect yourself but also to protect your assets are also equally important. ‘Security’ is a factor that can never be ignored but it has to be achieved with facial recognition software.

How did Security use to be achieved in the Past?

Due to lack of technological support, in the past security used to be achieved using a manual system. That means, for a campus the security used to be achieved using security guards. For keeping the track of employees they used to maintain registers which used to support manual entry method.

Well! This was a method which is really appreciable as the whole security used to be taken care of by the guards, but just think once! What would happen in the case of a large organization? And what if for a secured place where entry is strictly restricted, their people are getting permission to enter because either guard is not present or they had taken a bribe or some other reasons? Puzzled! Don’t be. As to solve these issues face recognition technology has emerged in the world of security.

How Face Recognition Technology manages Security?

Based on ‘no human touch’ technology, where individuals are not supposed to touch the device in order to get the security can be placed at various premises. It meets the present-day security needs as it incurs so may features which enable it to achieve the best security in all required premises. In order to be enrolled for the first time, the person needs to stand in front of the camera so that the camera can capture the facial details. These details get stored in the computer electronically thus it helps in better storage of the data.

Next time whenever the same person re-visits the place, he/she just needs to stand in front of the camera. The camera will capture the image of the individual and will perform a matching process using its in-built matching algorithm. The matching process is performed between the new facial details with the already stored patterns. If the face recognition system will get a match then it grants permission otherwise it will deny.

Features that Enhance Technology:

Face recognition technology achieves the security expectations because of various factors which can be listed serially:

  • Compact Size of the Template:

The facial feature occupies very minimum space of the memory of about 2.3 kilobytes. Thus a large database can be maintained.

  • Actual Face Detection:

It has the capability of differentiating between the real image and the artificial photograph. So, for authentication, a live person needs to stand in front of it.

  • True Identification Capability:

The technology performs 1-1 matching mode for verification and 1-many mode for processing.

  • Multiple Samples:

Many images are captured so that the best matching quality could be obtained.

  • Face Posture Tolerance:

It can tolerate a certain extent of facial movement like a rotation of the head to an extent etc.

  • Quick Face Matching Process:

It performs a very quick matching process almost 100,000 faces are compared in a second with the help of facial recognition companies.


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