Why choose UAE (United Arab Emirates) as the Christmas Destination?

Need not to mention that all with its beautiful and mesmerizing coastline, sky-kissing skyscrapers, grand posh hotels, fancy malls, restaurants with rich tasty food; UAE is one of the dream destinations for the travelers. UAE trip is said to be a luxurious trip. For travelers the place has in store some spellbind galleries, mosques, some great museums and of course the islands. All these draw the attention of every traveler in the world. So while planning your Christmas trip what can be better than UAE.

As per taste and wish one can go for adventures like mountain biking, zip-lining, hiking etc. Or else if someone wishes to be in the peace of nature he or she can find some rare pieces of the biodiversity and be a witness to the high spirited marine world.  Adding to all this flying away from the cold blues ignoring the blanket of snow and going amidst sand and waters will give altogether a new experience of Christmas. So this year you must choose your christmas destination as UAE to explore the best amongst the best and book your online hotel & flight from Rehlat UAE at discounted Price.

There is no doubt that planning a trip can be really expensive if you take the best of everything. Even if you don’t go for the bests yet there are a lot of expenditures more than regular days. Now if one gets the Christmas deals and discounts the costs lower by a tremendous amount and this adds as the advantages for the travelers.

14 Destination Spots in UAE: DUBAI – This city is all about luxurious shopping’s, animated night lives and the modern hands of architecture. Here stands Burj Khalifa the 830 m tall tower which is the king of all the skyscrapers. It has also got some wonderful amusement parks Wild Wadi water park being one of them. Along with this the sandy coast, taste buds satisfying world class food is some of the other highlights.

  • SHARJAH: This is basically the culture and heritage capital of UAE. It has got a lot of conservative and traditional cultures in the bucket. It has got all the historical proofs like the restored homes, the museums and is famous for the SHARJAH FORT which was a royal residence and now a museum preserving the history. Sharjah gives a clear picture of the rich culture of the place.
  • ABU DHABI: Being the capital of UAE it portrays nothing but luxury. The glimpse of this luxury can be seen observing the skyline which podcasts the various modern towers. This city also has some magnificent shopping centers or rather say mega centers. Visiting this place will be a lavish experience in and out. Moreover with all this comes the extra bit of luxury the shore, the marvelous shore, which is a great tourist attraction.
  • AL AIN: This place is comparatively fill in respect to the capital city but has got its own beauty. The small houses and greeneries all around give a totally different picture from the rest of the UAE. It is also known as the Garden city.
  • FUJAIRAH: It is one of the 7 Emirates lying along the Gulf of Oman. It’s mainly known for the beaches and the Hajar Mountains.  It is the home to the huge Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • PALM ISLANDS: This comprises of three islands – Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Deira Island. It is one of the best and the most famous man built isle. Deira Island though is still under construction. It is home to some awe trucking infrastructure and entertainment parks.
  • RAS AL KHAIMAH: Now this place is the destination for the adventurers. Starting from zip-lining, hiking, mountain cycling there is scope for many similar adventures. Other than this zone RAS AL KHAIMAH is also famous for its culture and cuisine which is said to reflect the history of the place.
  • JEBEL ALI: After visiting all the loud and active places of UAE if someone seeks some peace and quiet zone this is the place they need to visit. It’s basically a port band has got some attraction located nearby like the Bollywood park.
  • UMM AL QUWAIN: Being a small and pretty coastal town with blissful shoreline this is the best family hangout destination.
  • SIR BANI YAS: It is one of the largest Natural reserves in Arabia. Being home to large flora and fauna has got activities like wildlife safaris, bird watching etc.
  • KALBA: This is a very small town. But in spite of being small, it is the land that is the breeding and migration ground for thousands of birdstitle from different species. It also consists of mangrove expanses and reposeful coastline.
  • AJMAN: It is kind regards wrapping up the day. It is not as active as Dubai or Abu Dhabi and offers a relaxing experience through food and cafes.
  • YAS ISLAND: This tiny island comprises of racing tracks, golf course, amusement parks and beaches of course. Book your YAS ISLAND tickets from Groupon UAE and get discount via using Groupon UAE Coupon.
  • SAADIYAT ISLAND: This is nothing but a tourism project to conserve and preserve the Emirati cultures. It is still under construction though.

Surely no other place will have this much variation in store for you. The amazing culture with the flavors of adventure and the combination of dessert and waves makes UAE the best spot for either family trips or honeymoon and even a fun getaway trip with friends.


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