Packing and moving tips for the Bike

Bike Shifting

Shifting can be a daunting task especially if it of your vehicle. Vehicle shipment requires a great deal of expertise or else you may get damaged Bikes in your hands. If you don’t want to depreciate the value of your Bike with a scratch be careful while shifting it. For that, you need a responsible packing and moving company.

To look for a good Bike shipping company, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here, are a few tips to help you find the best packers and movers for bike shifting.

Start early

You may want to use your bike  until the last moment. One must try to avoid it. Before shifting, try and give some rest to your bike or scooter. This will allow the engine to cool and the packing can be done without any issue. If you use it till the last minute the engine will be so hot that it won’t be packed until it cools down. If there is haste in packing the Bike it will jeopardize the safety of the vehicle. Give your bike at least two days’ resting time in advance.

Necessary covers

For relocating or transporting any item safely, packing plays an important role. A solid packing process is very essential in transporting your vehicle securely and safely. Spend time researching companies that would provide fool-proof packing to your vehicle. Check your Bike after packers and movers have done the packing to see if it has been done properly. Inspect carefully to see if it hinders all kinds of damages and scratches during the shifting.

If you can look at how professional packers and movers pack and move the Bikes you would know that the vehicle is in safe hands. So, inspect the process and instruct them now and then about the nature of your Bikes. In case your vehicle is old, inform your packers and ask them to handle it delicately. In case your bike is new, ask your moving company to ensure a scratch-free vehicle shifting.

Empty the fuel tank

Your bike’s fuel tank is emptied. It is because the nature of petrol is highly inflammable and can prove to be dangerous while shifting of any vehicles. So, empty the fuel tank completely before you send your Bike for packing and moving.

Packing Materials

You will need strong tapes and bubble wraps to pack the vehicle tightly. Some also use shrink wraps to protect the vehicle from scratches. The multiple layers of bubble wrap will protect your Bike from any damages or scratches.

Smart packing

You may want your Bike to be wrapped up completely but certain parts need extra attention while packing. It is so because they are fragile and can be damaged easily. Such fragile parts include indicator lights, bike mirrors, etc. Other sensitive parts of the bike will be taken care of by your packers and movers while transporting the bike. Right taping and bubble wraps will help your bike to be transported safely.


It is not a big thing to understand that more than packing it is the positioning of your Bike in the transport that determines the secure and safe shifting. To position your vehicle properly, it must have a firm base. While transporting your Bike, it must not crash or fall on others. If needed the vehicles need to be tied together tightly with the rope to avoids falling on each other.

Handling of the vehicles

For most of us, the vehicle is next to a family member. While sending it for shifting it, we worry whether the packers and movers will handle it with proper care or not. From packing your Bike to loading it on the carrier vehicle and then unpacking it requires great skill to do so. These processes must be done with great care so that, your vehicle reaches you without any scratch or damage.

While packing and loading, you can keep an eye out for your vehicle and assist them in handling your vehicle with care. You won’t feel the need to do so if you are dealing with professional packing services, but this will give peace to your mind.

How to find the best packer and mover for your Bike shifting

In the sea of the logistic market, it is very hard to find a professional packer and mover for bike shifting safely. You need to check and do some research before you can hand over your vehicle to them. As the vehicle shipment is susceptible to damage it is necessary to look for a company that has a good history of providing the best vehicle shipment.

Here, are a few ways to find the best one in your area.

Door-to-door relocation benefit

If you get this benefit from your service provider, then you must go for them. It is so because the relocation is executed in the comfort of their home. You won’t have to worry about sending the bike. A representative from the packer and mover company comes and picks the bike up. It is after that the vehicle is transported to the destination address with extra care.

Relocation expert

There are professional packing and moving services that have relocation experts to take care of your vehicle throughout the Bike shipment. They look after the whole process from end-to-end. it is the relocation expert who is in charge of getting you the best possible quotes and acts as a bridge between you and the company.

1. 24×7 customer support

If you can find a company that has 24×7 customer service on, they will keep your mind at ease. You can ask them for the live tracking code and track your vehicle throughout its journey. Even if your delivery is running late, call them and they will help you with the appropriate reason for the delay.

2. Check reviews and ratings

Before fixing any packers and movers for shipping the vehicle, you must check their online presence and go through the reviews and ratings. The websites may seem flashy and the executive looks good but if the ratings are poor then you must start looking for another moving company.


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