Top 5 Tips for Selecting Tiles for Floor!

Floor Tiles

A house renovation is incomplete without the right tiling to it. Your place’s overall look can enhance when you select impressive options like the mosaic tiles for your area. As there are many alternatives for texture, design, and colors, you might confuse making the right picks on tiles for the floor or the bathroom tiles design. At Mytyles, you can browse through the wide range of impressive products to choose from.

The top 5 tips for selecting the floor tile for every room are as follows:

floor tiles

1. Consider the right level of hardness

Whether you are opting for the mosaic tiles or the usual ones, it is vital to select the correct level of hardness. The selection of hard quality tiles is essential as it should sustain scratches or heavy objects. Hence, if you buy tiles from a reputed provider, there are high chances of getting a product with useful functionality. It also depends on selecting these tiles for walls, floor, kitchen ways, or the countertops. For commercial spaces, you need to opt for extra-sturdy tiling.

2. Tile Porosity check

While selecting the bathroom tiles design or the ones for the floor, you need to pay attention to the tiles’ porosity. You need to ensure no air holes in the tiles as it might absorb the water into them. Before installation of floor tile, it is necessary to determine moisture in that specific area. In areas like the laundry room, kitchen, living or bathroom; you have to confirm the moisture levels. At  Mytyles, you can select the bathroom tiles design and ensure that they are free from porosity.

3. Porcelain tiles are the right choice

Porcelain mosaic tiles are the top-rated ones in terms of design versatility, moisture retention, strength, and sturdiness. Even in terms of style and durability, they offer a better experience to the customers. Even the colors, textures, and styles of these tiles are impeccable and a great option to go for. You can go for the wide range of such budget-friendly tiles available with us and lock your best choices.

4. Slip Resistant material

At the time of tile purchase, you need to select the slip-resistant mosaic tiles that enhance your place’s appearance. Especially when you are checking out the bathroom tiles design; it is essential to go for a highly slip resistance option.

5. Stone tiles add a luxurious touch

If you wish to install luxurious tiles for the floor or walls, the slate stone kitchen can be your option. Various materials like granite, marble, and travertine can elevate the class of your home for sure.

tiles for the floor


These are a couple of pointers that can help you make the right choice for mosaic tiles or the imperial bathroom tiles design. At Mytyles, we cater to every single aspect of tiling and offer you the broadest range in terms of variety and styles. Amongst the top options, you can make your choices!


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