Product Rendering Vs Product Photography for E-commerce Web?

product rendering

80% population is visual learners means they consume and understand visual content easily. Human brain processes images in 13 milliseconds. That means businesses have very little time to make the first impressions. Hence what your clients see on the website decides whether they will stay on your website or not. So it’s crucial to have stunning product images on your website. Bad product images impact badly on your brand value hence, businesses need to research before opting for product Images.

Businesses already know how good and beneficial is your product however same needs to be communicated to the buyers.

In this article, we will not discuss which services are better but we will understand the difference between them and their pros and cons. Every e-commerce website nowadays needs product images on it. As per research, high-quality Images help businesses to attract more traffic as well as it also helps customers in making buying decisions. Hence your business website is incomplete without photos.

Now Images are an essential part of websites and it gives us two options either clicked photographs or 3D Product renders. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both these options.

Benefits of 3D Product Rendering Services

It’s not enough to just have a website and some 2D product renderings. These days, potential customers need to be able to “touch” your products before they buy them. They want that 3D feeling that helps you get the full experience of how the product will look in their space. It is also important for marketing managers who are trying to find new ways of attracting consumers’ attention because if people can’t see what your business offers then they might go elsewhere.

  1. Does not need prototype – Product renders are computer-generated images hence does not need the actual products or any prototype. So the business does not need to bear a manufacturing or prototyping cost.
  2. Online Process – For photography, you have to deliver a physical product at the shooting location. Logistics, transport, and props everything has to be taken care of. Whereas in the case of the Product render Images can be created by using CAD drawings, Sketches, or just mobile-clicked photos.
  3. Can opt from anywhere – Beauty of 3D Product rendering services is it can opt from any part of the world as it does not need any physical presence of the agency or the client.
  4. Customization – The background, and props of product images can be customized as per the client’s need.
  5. Variations – It’s comparatively very easy to create multiple colors or product variations in 3D rather than actual photography as in the case of actual photos client has to submit all product variations.
  6. Detailing – Product render images are created from its 3d model hence it captures all minute details of the product which is quite impossible in small product photography.
  7. High-quality output – Product render images are high quality hence, it looks more attractive on websites and social media platforms.
  8. No Product damage – 3D Product rendering process does not involve any physical product hence product damage cost is zero. Normally that is an issue with product photography.


Choosing the right 3D Product rendering agency is a tricky task. As businesses can choose from worldwide agencies selecting the best 3D Product rendering provider is a challenge. There are many agencies that claim to provide quality product rendering services however they do CAD rendering rather than 3D rendering. So while choosing the service provider business should ask for their previous work done. Second thing while outsourcing 3D Product rendering services is you must hire an agency, company, or studio rather than a freelancer or freelancing platform. As there are many consequences if you have bulk products.

Product Photography

Product photography is an important part of any business. It helps businesses to showcase their products in the best light. With product photos, businesses can get high-quality product photos for their website and advertising. Product photography is explained as a method of photography that helps businesses capture quality product photos for their marketing and advertising. Product photographs can be used for various purposes such as product catalogs, websites, social media, e-commerce, etc. With advanced technology, photography has improved a lot in the past few years. Nowadays businesses are using advanced techniques like 360-degree photography, and macro photography product photos.

Product photography has a lot of limitations as it needs physical products, props, sets, variations, etc. Product logistic, transportation, prototyping, and occasional damage adds high cost in photography. Photography for small products or silicon-based products is quite difficult. Capturing variations of the product is as good as reshooting the product for example 3d Product Rendering.

Extra Words: Photos of your products could help grow your business. High-quality product images can be created by a photography service or an in-house rendering team. The quality of these images directly impacts the growth of a company. The next time you need to purchase a photo shoot for your product, it is worth considering who will do the work and how they plan to create these high-quality photos. A photography studio that specializes in creating product photos may have more expertise than an onsite rendering


High-quality product images help businesses to grow. And business can create these images by-product rendering services or photography services.


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