Is Machine Learning a Great Career Choice?


If you are someone who is always excited to explore technology and dive into the advancements of artificial intelligence or computer science applications, then YES! Machine learning is a great career choice for you. 

The machine learning sector is growing at a rapid pace producing numerous opportunities for the techies to be a part of the technological revolution and give shape to the doom of computers and their practical implementations. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is estimated to generate business worth approximately $4 billion before 2023. More than one-third of firms in India have already started investing in data science and machine learning, and the rest are also planning to invest as soon as possible. 

Pursuing a career in AI and Machine Learning opens up exciting opportunities. Jobs in these fields are considered one of the most popular ones of the century. Working in the sector will offer you various chances to grow and succeed.

Career Options in Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning Engineer

As a machine learning engineer, you will play a crucial part in the data science team. You will be expected to research, build, and design the artificial intelligence that is associated with machine learning. Your responsibilities will also include the maintenance and improvisation of existing AI systems.

  • BI developer 

Developing, deploying, and maintaining BI tools and interfaces are the main work of a BI developer. You will be simplifying technical language and complex information in terms that are understandable by others in the company. 

  • Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing data for actionable insights. You will have to identify data analytics problems that offer good opportunities to the firm. Determining correct data sets and variable is another responsibility of a data scientist.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist

NLP scientists have to work on designing and creating machines that can read and comprehend patterns in human language.

  • Human-centered machine learning designer

The job role involves working to form programs, devices, and applications based on technology that contains solutions to the problems faced by people using that technology.

Except for being a career option with impressive pay, Machine Learning consists of other factors as well to consider:

  • Practical application of Math

If you enjoy doing math and get excited when it comes to finding practical applications of complex equations and theories, the machine learning engineer’s career is excellent for you. You will use calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability as a part of your daily work. Additionally, you have to use these concepts in real life with practical implementations. 

  • Continuous Learning

Machine learning is a comparatively new sector. There are numerous algorithms, solutions, and applications yet to explore. Machine learning uncovers real-life problems and finds ways for optimising modern technology for applications. Thus, you will be in a constant learning phase throughout your career. There will be many opportunities for you to explore new things and learn about them. 

Problem-solving and creative skills, when combined with patience and that worm to enhance your intellect will make you have an amazing career.

  • Trails for Computer Programming

Machine learning revolves around computers and the optimization of their performance. Thus, computer programming is an important skill. If you love coding and have knowledge about Python and other relevant things, go for it! 

Throughout your journey, you will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of modeling, algorithms, and structures. 

  • Exciting Career Opportunities

As a machine learning engineer, you will get financial advantages and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to future technological advancements. On average a machine learning engineer earns $100,000 annually. The field is open with numerous opportunities worldwide. As the industry expands (which it will, as per estimations), the chances for work will also do. So it is a win-win opportunity from every aspect if you are genuinely interested in growth and success with hard work and dedication.

Wrapping Up

The internet is filled with learning options to acquire the skills you need for the job you desire to pursue. There are many reputable universities that offer the best UGC courses online. We hope by now you have decided whether to pursue a Machine Learning career or not. Now, to top the preference list of employers you have to enhance your CV and polish your skills to be the best fit. 

As the educational sector has shifted online, you have the advantage to pursue any course you desire in online mode. This gives you a flexible routine as well as the chance to learn at your comfort and convenience. Also, online learning provides excellent value both in terms of tuition fees and the fact that you can continue to do any other work you are involved in. Remember, when students from the entire world are your classmate’s online mode, the chances for networking are high and it is not to mention how important networking is these days.

Get going people! The world is waiting for techies to develop like never before.


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