Ways to Become a Fitness Entrepreneur

Scott Capelin Fitness Entrepreneur

According to fitness entrepreneur and trainer – Scott Capelin, today’s generations are making their health a priority more than ever and are willing to spend more on wellness and fitness. These trends have given rise to more companies and brands who continue to adapt to the consumer’s changing needs. It’s not surprising many are willing to dive into the world of fitness and provide values to consumers. If you are one of those who is ready to take on this promising career but don’t know how to kick start, you are at the right place. We spoke to the expert in the field, Scott Capelin, an accomplished entrepreneur, and health and fitness expert who gives exciting insight on how you can become a fitness entrepreneur.

“Being a business owner in the fitness industry is far different from being a fitness coach. As a fitness entrepreneur, the primary aim is to launch and drive a thriving business and build a path to follow through no matter the challenges. Having a generalized approach or going through it like a fitness coach might be detrimental to the business growth,” Scott Capelin explains.

Here are expert tips from Scott Capelin on how to start a successful fitness entrepreneur journey:

1. Discover your Niche

The fitness industry is vast and the competition has become more intense over the years.  From those selling gym equipment to physical disabilities training to athletes, different businesses are popping up to provide values to their audience. Therefore, before anything, you need to understand the ins and outs of your ideas and know the audience you want to cater for. When it comes to fitness, one-size-fit-all will not cut the drill. You need to know the audience you want to focus on and the services you are looking to provide. Be an expert in a specific field, find the niche that are interested in what you have to offer and get to work on it. This way, you will be able to set yourself apart amidst the competition, says Scott Capelin.

2. Provide Values

Always ask yourself- are your services providing value to the audience? Whether you are educating your audience or growing your social media following, you should work towards meeting people’s needs and solving their problems. It’s not about posting a few workout videos online, you need to be able to provide health tips, food nutritional values, and education on how to work out effectively, how-to videos and so much more. Your audience will only be interested in you when they discover you are personally interested in their growth.

3. Promote your Idea

For your business to grow, you need to promote your brand. Whether online or offline, know where your audience is and position yourself accordingly. The fitness industry is huge and there are a lot of people who are likely offering the same or similar products or services. For your business to be seen, you need to promote yourself on the right channel. The good thing is the social media has come in handy to provide various opportunities to create brand awareness and grow.

4. Keep Educating Yourself

This is one area you don’t want to take for granted if you want to keep up with the highly competitive industry. There are a lot of businesses who claim to be the best with nothing to show for it. Your business should be result-based and you can only attract new clients and retain existing ones when they see results. Besides, you need to keep abreast of the Industry trends, training and any other advancement. “The fitness industry keeps evolving, so should you”, Scott Capelin advises.


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