How to set up a detergent company in Dubai?

detergent company

Do you have an idea in your mind about starting a detergent company in Dubai? If so, we are happy to say that it is one of the most feasible business ideas to start in Dubai. Getting ready for a detergent powder business in a way is a great option because of its easy and fast production.

 The product you have in your mind is a daily essential, people need it for washing their clothes every day. Also, don’t forget that the demand is constant throughout the year. Even with small capital investment, entrepreneurs can open company in Dubai.

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Is it profitable to set up a detergent company in Dubai? 

Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations and tourists from the whole world are flowing to Dubai to explore the culture. Many foreigners also settle here for various reasons and the main reason is to set up a business in Dubai because they cannot miss a chance to build an empire in the business hub of the world. People flow to Dubai and so there is high demand for daily essentials like detergents.  

Dubai is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the whole world. So, they extremely need to keep up with the cleanliness standard and that is why they need a stable amount of the products like detergents to keep the hotels, apartments, and other buildings clean and safe. The weather in the city is also a reason why the buildings should be regularly maintained and clean.  The demand for detergent is constant because of all these reasons and so we recommend you to start a business if you think you have the potential to crack it. 

Why the registration process? 

By now we all know about the scope of the detergent business in Dubai but you should also be equally knowledgeable about the business registration in Dubai. The registration process is highly important for a detergent business like any other business. If you wish to import, supply, or manufacture detergent then you ought to understand and successfully complete the registration process without any error. 

The process is done through Dubai Municipality. Dubai has clear statements on why the registration process is strict. Being one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world, they have a lot of work to do and keep up with the standard to attract tourists and businessmen from around the world. So the government has a strict viewpoint on the quality of the products. The main purpose is to maintain the quality of the products and hence there is no compromising. Product manufacturing should abide by the rules set by the Dubai government to maintain health and safety standards. Only after this approval,  your product can enter the market and then you can finally import and export products.

The registration process for a detergent company 

 Now let us understand the registration process for setting up the detergent business. 

  • First, you have to register the company. It is through the e-form from DMs official site. Please note that there is a specific payment to be done for the registration.
  • The next requirement is an image of the detergent, You will have to upload it to the e-form in JPEG format. Please make sure the photo is of high resolution and has a light color background.
  • Don’t forget to attach all the copies of the important documents before sending them on for the registration  

Types of machinery for detergent business 

Next, we will quickly glance into some essential machines you need in setting up the detergent business.  Make sure you have all of these within your budget and proceed with the business smoothly.

  • Firstly, you need reactors
  • Secondly, you require a pulverizer
  • Thirdly a good weighing scale
  • Then you need a blender
  • For the business, you require a neutralizer
  • You should get a fine screen
  • Don’t forget about the separator
  • Yet another important thing you need is the mixer

List of  documents you need for setting up a detergent company

 We recommend you keep a hold of these documents for a hassle-free registration process. 

  • You will require a  certificate of free sale from the country of origin
  • Next, you will have to submit documents of the ingredients present in the product
  • Then you require a report on the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the products
  •  You require the latest report of the laboratory test
  • Next, you need a document of MSDS that is Matmal safety data sheet 
  • Last but not least you need a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GAP) 

After submission of the application to the DM, they will start assessing your documents. Your detergent is valid for two years if there is not any particular remark, if there is a remark made then your product is only valid for six months. All of the updates and the current status are available electronically. You can access the scanned copy of the original copy after the issuance report.


Detergents are something we can’t live without because we need fresh clothes every day to wear. The freshness comes only with the detergent we use to wash clothes. As a daily essential, we use it for different processes like washing our clothes and house, etc. And so it is one of the profitable businesses to set up in Dubai. The city can provide you with adequate resources and exposure to begin the business. If you don’t know where to start you can always contact and avail yourself of excellent services from the best business setup consultants in Dubai.


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