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The festive season has always been the prime time for online businesses to sell their products and services. During this time portal of the festival and celebrations, eStores usually experience an increased number of orders and higher average order values. Further, with the closure of retail shops due to the pandemic we can expect the online stores. To become the sole focus of the buyers this coming festive season. So, becoming festive ready is a must for an online store for making the best out of these opportunities. For this merchants can also hire Shopify experts and generate unique offers and services for their users. By focusing on these festive season time periods an eCommerce merchant can easily improve their brand image, customer relations, and gain a competitive advantage.

But the Store works just fine!

Under normal traffic and order placement, a Shopify store might work fine. However, during the festive season, the user demand increases dramatically. If you choose to run deals and offers for users, the website traffic and load are bound to increase. This makes modifications in the codebase to make eStore capable of handling large traffic and providing smooth UX. By avoiding doing so, you might miss a large number of sales and create a poor brand image amongst your target audience. With this article, we will take an in-depth look into ways merchants can make their eStore festive season ready with the assistance of a hire Shopify developer.

The Festive Season Checklist

Creating changes is a must to make your eStore thrive in the festive season. However, if you are just starting, implementing required changes can become quite an overwhelming process. Because, Making your eStore festive season ready demands a lot of groundwork, research, user analysis, and looking for the right solutions. But worry not! Here’s a list of checklist that can help you decide which products to promote and aspects that needs improvement:

  1. Is your store tested to be capable of handling large numbers of visitors?
  2. Do you know your customer’s favorite products from your brand? 
  3. Is your inventory and order management system ready to handle higher-order frequency? 

If your answer to any of these is a No. Then those aspects must be fixed ASAP for making the festive season a huge hit for your business.

Making your eStore Ready for Festive Season

Making an eStore ready for the festive season includes identifying the above-mentioned challenges. Further, it also demands you to answer the pain points with proper strategies. To know how you can do that efficiently read on!

Load Speed

To make your eStore capable of handling huge traffic. It might receive it is crucial to get the eCommerce website tested for load speed. Further, if the load speed of your website happens to be more than 4-5 seconds, optimizing it to perform faster is also a must. For optimizing the load speed you can either choose to:

  • Optimize your product’s images to make them lightweight without compromising their quality.
  • Enhance the UI with lightweight elements and avoid the excessive use of JavaScript.
  • Improve its speed for mobile devices by using solutions such as PWA app development.

Offering the Right Product

Another aspect that can make your festive season a hit amongst the target audience is offering attractive discounts on their favorite products. For this, you must look into your analytics and identify the widely popular products. This will easily improve your eStore’s chances of getting higher sales during the festive season. 

Further, by efficiently promoting these offers to your previous users, you can retain them and improve your brand’s interaction as well. To interact with previous buyers, you can use email marketing campaigns and mobile notifications.

Inventory and Order Management

To be festive season ready means being prepared to fulfill a large number of orders you might receive. For this, your Shopify store must have an automated order management system along with enough stock of products on your inventory to fulfill orders. 

So stocking up on popular and discounted products in the physical inventory, creating easy checkouts, and proper shipping and packaging systems is a must.

The Final Words

The festive season provides a crucial opportunity for online businesses to make their products shine and gain more consistent buyers. Further, ignoring this potent time frame of opportunities for higher sales and profits can even result in customer dissatisfaction as well. Since users generally expect to be treated with special discounts and unique offers during this time of the year.  So make your Shopify store festive season-ready use the guidance given above to analyze your eStore and make required changes in them. This will not only bring a higher conversion rate but will also provide your eStore with improved visibility, user interaction, and buyer satisfaction.


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