Why Should You Consider a Comprehensive Eye Test?

comprehensive eye test

In today’s lifestyle, eye prescription power fluctuates a lot. You might have computer vision syndrome or vision issues because of age. A regular eye test will help in determining the change in your prescription power. At most, conducting an eye test every two years suffices your vision needs. 

But regular eye tests only detect the changes in the visual power and not the other issues that may be contributing to your vision problems. A comprehensive eye test can diagnose the cause of your vision problem. Sometimes, a blurry vision may not be a result of vision changes because of aging. It can also be from some underlying diseases. By taking a comprehensive eye examination every once in a while, you can keep your eyes functioning for a long time.

Incurable Eye Diseases

Glaucoma and many other eye diseases that cannot be cured entirely can affect your vision. It can also cause permanent vision losses. The symptoms of these diseases include blurred vision, intense eye pain, similar to those of everyday eye strain. It is difficult to detect these eye conditions in the initial stages. 

By doing a comprehensive eye test, you can know the condition of your eyes and take appropriate measures for treatment. In the case of glaucoma, getting treatment in the early stages can save your vision to a great extent. 

Knowing the overall condition of your eyes can help you in diagnosing many diseases in the initial stage. For most of the cases, there are no results for these examinations, which is good. It means your eyes are healthy. You do not have to worry about your eyes. You can update your glasses with the latest eye prescription power. Buy prescription glasses online with your updated prescription and view with corrected vision. Get good quality glasses to improve your vision and also view comfortably without any eye strain.

What is in the Comprehensive Eye Test?

The comprehensive eye test is a series of various eye tests to examine the overall condition of your eyes. In these tests, you can check your visual acuity and the overall condition of your eyes. The tests include:

1. Vision Acuity tests

    • Chart test – This test is done using visual charts. You need to read the letters on a chart at a distance of 20 feet. For checking reading vision, you will be given a handheld chart. This test helps in determining the prescription power of your eyes. Apart from the charts, visual acuity is also tested with a phoropter. These devices help in checking the refraction error and aberration accurately.
    • Colour blindness test – This test determines whether you are clour blind or not. If you have color blindness, then to what extent. Interestingly, there is 1 out of 12 men have color blindness. In women, the number is 1 out of 200. 
    • Eye movement test – For a sportsperson or a military person, the reflex of the eyes is crucial. By doing this test, you can determine how fast your eyes react to a moving object.
    • Eye alignment test – This test determines the functionality of both your eyes together. If your eyes are not properly aligned, it causes problems in vision.
    • Depth perception – If you cannot see the correct depth of objects, you will be prone to accidents. Even doing everyday activities become difficult. Doing this will determine whether you have accurate depth perception or not. In this test, you will be given a chart and 3D glasses. You have to tell the shape of the objects in the chart.

2. Eye Health condition

    • Glaucoma test – Pressure is applied to your eyes to determine if you have glaucoma or not. If you have a family history of glaucoma, you are more likely to have eye disease yourself.
    • Field vision test – With many eye diseases, your field vision is affected. You will see gaps or blanks in your peripheral or front vision. In this test, this issue in your eyesight is detected.
    • Slit-lamp test – Slit lamp is like a tiny microscope. With this lamp, the optometrist checks the condition of the inside of your eyes.
    • Pupil Dilation – A solution is put in your eyes to dilate your pupils. By dilating your pupils, the ophthalmologist can check the insides of your eyes. With this test, infections, eye floaters, tears, abrasions, or macular degeneration can be detected.

You should get your eye test frequently. By using glasses of accurate prescription, you will not strain your eyes. You will have a comfortable vision. Schedule a free eye test and get your glasses made with an updated prescription from Specscart. You can get 24 hour delivery on glasses. Hurry order soon!


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