How can You start a Photography Business?

How can You start a Photography Business?

Mayur Rele, a skilled artist with vast experience in photography across different subjects explains how beginners can start a photography business

Turning photography into a career or business goes beyond clicking and taking pictures. Interest, dedication, and great business strategy are essential to turn your love for photography into money-making ventures. While the landscape can be competitive, savvy photographers have been able to carve their niche and make a name for themselves in the field. Wait! You might know how to take Instagram-worthy pictures, but there are things you need to know before you kickstart this promising business. How do you go about it? We asked a professional photographer, Mayur Rele, who has already gained a foothold in the market to share his tips for success.

Find your photography niche

There are different fields available and there is always something for everyone. Hence, discover what inspire you. Do you simply like taking pictures of different scenery, objects, architecture, people, or moments that catch your attention? Or do you enjoy taking pictures on occasions, or weddings? Moreover, businesses across different industries are in need of professional photographers to showcase their products or services. Ask yourself what type of pictures you enjoy taking and position yourself in that area.

Write your photography business plan

Your business plan entails your business details such as your service, the scope of your business, and your vision. Writing business plans helps you to focus on your vision and target. It also helps you structure your pricing, marketing strategies, and how to stand out from your competitors.

Get the right equipment

Once you have a good business plan, it is time to get all the right equipment you need. As a beginner, you can start with the camera you already have and get an upgrade when you become a pro. Unlike before, there is a wide range of cameras for beginners that can deliver a professional and magazine quality image at an affordable price. Apart from a good camera, you will also need other equipment such as lenses, batteries, image editing software, and flashes. Screens and light are also a great necessity to control your lighting.

Build your portfolio

Taking many pictures does not only improve your skills, but it also helps you build your portfolio. “Expand your business by reaching out to organizations to offer free services to them. By doing this, the organization might refer you to potential clients that need your services,” says Mayur Rele. Don’t forget to also post your work on their social media platform.

Establish your business

Now, its time to establish your business. First, get yourself a business name that matches your type of work, necessary for brand image, registration and any other things. Then, register your business in your state so as to get a business permit depending on the requirement of your state and locality. If your state charges sales tax, get all the forms and instructions important for paying and collecting sales tax from the tax office. Once you acquire your business license, you are good to go.

Attend workshop and photography event

As a growing photographer, attending a workshop is crucial for growth. It will help you improve your skills, teaches you everything you need to know from how to set your camera, framing rules, and many more. Besides, it helps you expand your core and teach you advanced photography like photo editing and professional lighting. Another great thing is, you get to meet people of like-minded. Who knows? You can even get a mentor you that can help you along your journey as a photographer.

Marketing is so important

Marketing is important to sell your passion to the world and the key to a successful business is great marketing. Start by creating a business card, posting on your social media, and ask your family and friends to follow your account. This helps to expand your business and draw potential clients to you. Creating a website where you post your work is also important. As earlier said, attending events and trade shows will also draw potentials, clients, to your business.


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